Monday, 12 November 2007

Gorecki 3rd Symphony

Probably the most brutal depiction I have ever seen.


You may have to be enlightened by another part.


Daisy said...

...we should never forget...thank you scroblene...

Tuscan Tony said...

Thank you scrobs. About 2 miles from Tuscan Turrets is a memorial to around 167 Italian men women and children (some as young as 6 months old...) "wasted" by those Nazi chappies as revenge for some partisan activity that they got upset about. Some of my boys' schoolfriends are grandchildren and great grandchildren of those massacred people. The small hut on the marsh where some of this extraordinary human behaviour took place is still there. I have also visited the only Nazi concentration camp on Italian soil, the Risiera Di San Sabba in Trieste. Not an experience easily put into words - however the foot long piece of iron cable with a wooden handle at one end and a ball of lead at the other (used for slaughter, to economise on rifle and pistol rounds) was stolen around 20 years ago, most probably by some nutters that would like to see the scenes re-enacted today.

lilith said...

Oh Scrobs... sadly people do forget.

Electro-Kevin said...

It will always go on unfortunately.

It did in Europe as recently as the last decade.

We don't think it can happen here but I DO think it can happen here - especially if we give up our identity as we are doing - and that is why I'm sometimes so frantic on more serious blogs.

Thank you.