Saturday 25 August 2018


Scrobs has just saved nearly £110.00 on insuring our VW Golf. (See Scrobs passim re EU nasties/wasters and all that crap about pollution).

It's well known that anyone hanging in with their old insurer pays well over the odds for them to make it cheaper for newcomers, but this is really taking the proverbial!

A 30% reduction for exactly the same 'service' is much better in our pocket than Churchill's! And the new insurer is a big four bank!

Senora O'Blene and I can now dine out on several occasions, where we may not have been able to do in future months...

Friday 17 August 2018

Old school song...

Scrobs' schooldays are long past of course, but the old hymn we would sing at the end of the year was one which would blow the rafters off the old chapel roof!

I always wanted to copy the music (I had the words from the order of service), and only recently managed to get it from a fellow OB.

If you are able, it is well worth playing and also singing the words on the right. That last verse is an absolute killer, and at OB days, there's hardly a dry eye in the chapel!

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Glass phone - phone glass...

On occasions when sleep evades this ageing but malleable Scrobs, a quick listen to the wireless (through earphones, before the Senora O'Blene becomes truculent and verbal), is on the cards.

Sometimes, there is a great chap on, Fevzi Turkalp, The Gadget Detective, and he really does know his stuff where computers, phones etc are concerned. He also has a very pleasant delivery, which is very welcome at 3:00 am! 

The other day, he mentioned a 'life-hack' which struck a chord.

Put your phone, on speaker, into a clean, dry glass and you'll get some pretty good amplification, which costs nothing and makes for a good listening experience!

I'd never thought of this before, and as my phone is more aligned to the old black brick design, compared with new smart phones, I thought I'd ask anyone here if it works?