Saturday 27 October 2007

It is Saturday after all...

I've just got to share this with everyone!

After reading Ed's, Herc's, Tusc's and Hitch's blogs, and Elec's comments, somehow, I thought this link could lighten their hearts just a little...

It won't make things any better, but somehow, it seems to hit the spot!

Friday 26 October 2007

To the woods...

Some of the trees round here are pretty impressive, and although we're not 'huggers', they do have some great character!
The top one we call 'Raging insect', and it really is quite frightening when you first see it.
The second one is called 'Moose', and he really is an old softy...

Tuesday 23 October 2007

Farewell Angelina, the night is on fire... (Bob Dylan)

Tuscs has posted a brilliant sunset pic taken from his terrace...and I'm envious – very envious!

Occasionally, we get a late glimmer in Kent which looks quite nice, so I grab the 'Boer War Correspondent Waterproof Bellows Picture Reproducer’, (with adjustable plunger leggings, sanitised tripod and trouser guard), and scramble all over the graveyard near S.R.Benecol Turrets to get a shot in before it goes completely dark, and I continue to fall over the various stones and brambles which habitually grow there.

The first was taken a couple of weeks ago, but the second one was the best sunset I’ve ever seen and happened a year or so ago.

The main problem with being an aging War Correspondent with my kit, is that by the time I’ve got the glass plates back from Kodak, (by The Post Office), the damn skirmish has been over about three months, and everyone’s packing up to go home and write their memoirs!

I bet Don McCullin never had this problem, but he really is a hero.

Sunday 21 October 2007

Paris 2007

'You can't fault the effort, can't fault the heart'. (Martin Corry).
Amen to that.

Saturday 20 October 2007

England 11 South Africa 8

I was there...
Come on 'History', repeat yourself...!

Tuesday 16 October 2007

The final straw...

Back around 1974, we went to live in a rented farm cottage near Rye in Sussex. Elder Daught had just been born, and money was tight – so no change there!

I did a few hours work in our local pub to keep the cash coming in, and Mrs S was admirable at bringing said Elder Daught into this world as all good Mums do. Younger Daught was maybe on the horizon, but as anyone knows; it's the planning that counts...many, many times...;0)

We didn't have a television, and one day the landlord of the pub I worked in gave us one of his! Just like that! (Alec, you were a Saint). So I took the thing back to the cottage, and then realised that TVs need aerials. One trip to Rye meant we had several yards of the dreaded coaxial stuff, and off we went.

Or did we? The blasted thing only worked when the aerial cable (no roof aerial here, bugger me, do you expect me to crawl all over the tiles...I didn't have a ladder...), was hung from hooks in the lounge ceiling. Festooned you might say...

So we watched all the progs sitting either side by side, or, more comfortably, behind each other on the settee. Sounds great, (Watch it...) but a necessity because we had to plant the TV in a cupboard by the fire as there wasn't any room anywhere else in the little front room.

One TV series stood out beyond everything else – The Hanged Man! It was a riveting story; we actually relived each of the the episodes. We would plan the meals, Daught's bath, everything; just to see each episode! The series is well documented elsewhere, but Michael Williams was superb, and we loved the star; Colin Blakely.

Until the final episode...

Daught's in bed fast asleep; home-made wine in the jar; Mr and Mrs S one behind the other on the settee, TV on, sitting in the cupboard. Cables stuck all over the ceiling. Fantastic final episode, so much excitement that the home-made (gallon) seemed sunk to the dregs.

And so did the blasted aerial...right at the last minute, just before the ending, there was a sigh, and the whole bloody lot of the cables, strings, TV etc, crashed to the floor and we missed the whole bloody finale!

So if anyone is old enough to know what happened when the helicopter crashed, please let us know, as we are still in shock...

Saturday 13 October 2007

Pinetum stories...

A few miles from here is one of the most delightful places we've ever visited. At this time of year the colours are stunning, and we try and get there as much as possible to walk JR Terrier on one of those extending leads.
Actually she runs rings round us and we reckon because she's always mucking about under trees, running sideways and chasing rabbits and squirrels, she probably does about six or seven miles to our three!
Over the years, there have been lots of changes, many of which were forced on the place after the 1987 storm. But now, the trees they planted after the big shake-out are nigh on 20 years old and beginning to make a presence.

If you're ever anywhere nearby, it's well worth a visit.

Sunday 7 October 2007

Wind in the willows...

When the Daughts were very small, Sunday afternoons were often a bit dull for them, and with the evenings drawing in, the television was usually on, fire lit, curtains drawn.

The Girls would sit and watch the early evening programmes, often with Mrs S, and I would be mucking about somewhere in the house, but usually within earshot. One particular theme song from that time has always stayed with me, and thanks to Lilith's ability to find bits on 'Youtube', and a long discussion over several pre-Sunday lunch tinctures, we've had some real success today!

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame starred Michael Hordern, David Jason, Peter Sallis and even a name from my own kid-hood, Daphne Oxenford!

I always loved the theme music, beautifully sung by Ralph McTell, and I rated it probably my number one theme ever! Until today, I've never heard it in twenty five years or so. I couldn't find a copy anywhere, but, within seconds, after instructions from Mrs S, 'Youtube' hit the spot!

Here's the link - just enjoy, and especially linger on the final few words and notes; they are absolute magic!

Thursday 4 October 2007

His Hitchness...

Its all very well Hitch telling everyone he's blogging again, but all I get is a list of links to other destinations, which I can't be arsed to click!

If he's making a few folding coloured pictures of Elgar from the links, then fine, he's good at that; but let's have some real vintage Hitch as well please!

I thank you.

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Old/new ones are best department...

A Polish chap went to apply for a driving licence.

First, of course, he had to take an eye sight test. The optician showed him a card with the letters:

'C Z W I X N O S T A C Z.'

"Can you read this?" the optician asked.

"Read it?" the Polish chap replied, "I know the guy."