Saturday, 13 October 2007

Pinetum stories...

A few miles from here is one of the most delightful places we've ever visited. At this time of year the colours are stunning, and we try and get there as much as possible to walk JR Terrier on one of those extending leads.
Actually she runs rings round us and we reckon because she's always mucking about under trees, running sideways and chasing rabbits and squirrels, she probably does about six or seven miles to our three!
Over the years, there have been lots of changes, many of which were forced on the place after the 1987 storm. But now, the trees they planted after the big shake-out are nigh on 20 years old and beginning to make a presence.

If you're ever anywhere nearby, it's well worth a visit.


lilith said...

We love Westonbirt woods, Scrobs. Can't wait to take Pig there :-)

idle said...

My mother had her first Woodbine in the Westonbirt arboretum when at school there in about 1948, lil.

Scrobs has turned into the Rustic Blog Laureate. A man who gets full value during his communion with nature. And all for the love of his dog. Pukka chap.

lilith said...

We looked at the school about 7 years ago for our girl. Decided against. My Girl can't look tidy in a school uniform. Turned down Kings, Canterbury for the same reason.

I agree about Scrobs, Idle. Although I am alarmed at times by his musical longings, he has been making me chuckle and roar with laughter for over a year now.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Lilith and Idle, thanks for that!

Yesterday, Mrs S was out in the morning, so I took Miss JR along a few local footpaths.

We must have done a couple of miles, at quite some pace, until we saw the chestnuts everywhere...

The next ten minutes were spent cracking open the spiny bits and filling the pockets until my backside was bulging like it did when I was a fat git!

And I had to walk home like that!

Mrs S said the chestnuts were foul as they were too early, but my tip was to put them in one of those George Foreman grillers, and they seemed fine by me.

If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd be interested as I usually set burn down the place when I use the open fire...

BTW, where is Westonbirt? Sounds a great place to go!

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...'re too kind!

I worked in Canterbury for years, and was always impressed by the winged collars at Kings.

Elder Daught was at Canterbury Christchurch College, and to us, as aged parents, we thought the place was well focussed towards making the families welcome as well as the studes.

At the passing out parade, the Chancellor and his wife made a point of speaking to everyone in the room, and they were charming!

hatfield girl said...

S, on chestnuts, We cut a cross in the blunt end (as if they are brussels sprouts) then place them all in a sort of giant frying pan with holes all over the bottom and a very long handle, and shake them about all the time, while the pan is resting on a bed of red hot ash, until they (and my face) are roasted through.

This thirsty work is usually accompanied by others lolling about in front of the fire helping to drink the hot wine (if you would like the recipe for that? as every house has its own and ours may be a change from yours), I'll give it.

idle said...

Westonbirst is near Tetbury in Glos, Scrobs. Too far for a day trip.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...


You'll never have a red face, you never have to feel embarrassed...

Thanks for the tip. I like the idea of getting Mrs S's best frying pan and giving it a half hour of Black and Decker!

I'm afraid we can't get on with mulled wine here; its something to do with the interminable wait while it all gets hot. There's no patience in life these days is there!

Idle - thanks for that, If we left now, we'd be there by lunchtime, and I know I would have a huge thirst by then...might even find a pub that does Hook Norton...

Tuscan Tony said...

Great tip scrobs, will be visiting it in late Nov/early Dec I hope!

lilith said...

Scrobs, if you and Mrs S are not too creaky to cope with a mattress on the floor (which of course you are not, Miss JR sees to that!) you would be very welcome to break any trip west over night with us. We can't wait for wine to heat up either, but then we don't have an open fire ;-(

TT has my email :-) I shall ask him to kindly forward it to you if you should ask.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Morning Lilith;

That's so very kind of you - any trip out west would be a pleasure, but I can't see us doing anything like that sort of journey until the business prog begins to gear up!

Although we really love Kent, the traffic justs zooms all the time, and the whole of the South East is beginning to creak from that oaf Prescott's stupid legacy of overcrowding.

I reckon your county takes a lot of beating though!

Interesting you mention Tuscs as the Holder of the Email Addresses!

Nice to see Bunts back isn't it...;0)

Modo said...

Do be carefull of visiting Lil, something tells me that she dabbles in naturism; and I'm sure that neither you or Mrs. S. have been naked for over nine years.