Saturday, 20 October 2007

England 11 South Africa 8

I was there...
Come on 'History', repeat yourself...!


lilith said...

Were you there Sweetie? How fab!

I don't think I can watch. A) It's an England final, B) I just sit there going "OW" "Jesus, that must have hurt" "Is that allowed?" the whole way through.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

It was electric Lil; Peter Hain had been puffing his already growing cheeks, and I remember running with a chum through the demo outside (we were a couple of minutes late as we'd had a morning game in Tonbridge), and everybody keen on the actual rugby didn't take a blind bit of notice!

There was a lot of chanting all through the game, which was drowned by the cheering for the game, not the politics.

Some bloke handcuffed himeslf to the posts, and Plod calmly unhooked him and the noise as he left was deafening!

My Dad had got tickets from a lovely old chap who was too frail to go, and also worried about the crowds...they cost 30 bob each!

All you have to do to watch is stand the wine bottle close to the chair, within reach and have the remote to hand in case or real anxiety, and, finally, prepare for total lift-off when we win!

Newmania said...

Sadly no Scrobbers , i was disappointed of course . Itsa ll very well sayingthey did well to get there but they had a real chance .Its galling that SA really never put us to the sword either and we on the other hand did not "Ask many questions"

MIZ...sorry i didn not you you hade a blog i see you commnets around , I shall do a link ...

Tuscan Tony said...

Was their No 5 any relation to F W?

Superb memory, you should frame the thing (and the tickets if you still have 'em) and have it hanging in the downstairs loo!