Wednesday 29 May 2019

Water under the bridge...

Well, I'm so pleased to report that Theresa May took my advice, and assured us of her resignation!

As I always maintain, this blog is a broad church, luckily attracting several broads (sexist sod), but she really was on her leopard-skin uppers, and in need of a tincture somewhere nice, like Iceland.

Watching the 'race' to become leader, I've decided to run myself, as the exercise will do me good, and I have a lot to offer the country, indeed, give my life savings to everyone personally, even those unfortunates who will be out of a job after the next election, and when I'm Chancellor, I will serve under Lord Sir Marquis Farage, Count of England, and the World, and my hero for being : -

a) A businessman who understands commercial risk
b) A serious contender for leadership against all odds, by being honest


c) The next Prime Minister.

Other than all that, it rained today, and all the work I've been doing to free up the water-saving devices on my downpipes is only half-complete. A couple of pipes are still blocked, probably up at the swan-neck at the top of the pipe, so its ladder-work tomorrow.

If this blog doesn't reappear in a week's time, it means I fell off...

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Bye, Bye, Bluebird...

As most good people here know, Scrobs becomes pretty online-benign about politics, (Oh yeah! what
about the stuff you wrote on 'hmphhhhffghe arrghsaaaaagh - let me down; get your bloody haaaands off me'!) except for the few years when the lying, cheating Blair and the incompetent nutcase Brown were devastating the country and also I have to say, our budding business, such that we hardly slept a wink for months on end and lost an awful lot of our own money to pay for their crazy crackpot, leftie, unfunded, tax-payer squeezed, idealistic 'schemes' (scams).

And reading quite a lot in the press these days, whilst easily ignoring the disgraceful leftie bias of the
crap BBC, and their ‘printed dead-tree’ rag-piece, The Guardian, the real pundits, who bother to write serious items, (not just tweet them), are really winning an enormous amount of support for The Brexit Party from just about everybody with a pulse!

I am so enlightened by all this. As everybody here knows, living in a gorgeous county like Kent is
occasionally idyllic, often normal, and sometimes disgusting - you only need to glance over the dreadful local press (before you click off, and see something which isn’t a tribal stabbing, or a load of crooks beating the place up or pinching a money machine with a JCB. That's about all they seem to do)!

I will definitely vote for Nigel Farage’s party next week, and also in the next General Election, and
probably forever, including the time when the local elections come round again, and we can dump the
ridiculously pompous Tunbridge Wells Tory councillors who want to build an enormous ‘people’s palace’, with a crap, ugly concrete theatre, huge offices for councillors to wallow in, and all at the loss of one of the loveliest town parks in the country.

It will cost Poll Tax payers well over £100,000,000! It also most certainly will not go ahead now, thanks to some brave people forming an Alliance party to get rid of the stupid, idealistic fantasies
they seem to have, festering in the Tory group!

So it's goodbye 'blue' conservatives, HELLO 'THE BREXIT PARTY' !

Thursday 9 May 2019

New yawn...


So much has happened since we last visited these pages, I don't know where to start!

So I won't worry you...

We have a new kid in London, Nylon, and an old bag in London, mucking up our Brexit intentions. I fell arse-over-head in Tesco's carpark, and severely lacerated my left hand. Luckily the tree stump survived, but Scrobs' ego was slightly dented, as was a part of said paw.

I've changed the main water butts around, and they filled up yesterday, we're buying a pumpkin later this morning, to plant as a mate to the two courgettes we're growing on the old compost heap. That'll be fun!

I've got to collect a prescription for Senora O'Blene and will chat lovingly to our gorgeous chemist, in the hope that one day she'll take my temperature or something, and all that after I've been to see my fabulous doctor as my blood pressure was through the roof a while back, but has reverted to an average of 146/77, which I hope will stop her putting me on tablets!

So there you have it, life is never tedious, and Senora O'Blene is planning one of her excellent spag bols for lunch, with a tincture no doubt!

Pip pip!