Saturday 31 December 2022

'Bye 2022, s'been nice knowing ya...


We'll be tucked up nice and warm by 11.00pm, and hopefully won't be woken up by the fireworks...Happy New Year One and All!

h/t Tomo on BBBC...

Saturday 24 December 2022

Yoo-hoo-hool-tide Greetings...

There was uproar at the Council meeting of Sodden Prickney Village Conurbation last week, when it was realised that the annual Christmas tree celebrations had been sadly mismanaged, mainly on account of Ron Groat forgetting to order one from the local grocer, (Miss Newt).

A substitute was found, and is in the middle of being transported to the village hall, where delivery is expected some time in Late January!

The Council send what they can, as best felicitations and goodwill, (except Edwina Baggage, who has been 'at it' since Sunday last), to every member of the community, and hope to have the drainage system in the village hall up and running by the New Year

Charlene Faqdefarno

Ms Emily D'Artagnan-Minge

Senator and Senora O'Blene

Quentin ffoxley-Cabbage

Miss Amelia Newt and her partner, (or was until the disaster was uncovered)…

...Ron Groat

Basil Kalashnikov

Sid Trumpet

PC Lumbersnatch

Ms Billery

Willy Clinchton

Edwin A. Loser

Tone 'Dodger' Tossier

Elias Sagtrouser

Gloriette Sagtrouser

Meccano Sagtrouser

Toniatteline Nibbler

Norman Wibble

Edwina Baggage

Dr. Norbert Iodine

Kyoto Kalashnikov.


Dr Mayhap-Cuddler, Count Fruning Graplecard and The Beast are absent - sadly...

Friday 16 December 2022

Unusual guitar sound...

Is that a sax or a guitar in the 'middle eight'? 

Scrobs is confused...

Saturday 3 December 2022

Better than 'Calamity Jane'...

In Frank Muir's hilarious autobigraphy, 'A Kentish Lad', he regales the reader with so much information, one has to stop reading and collect one's thoughts on regular occasions, and this is no exception!

One marvellous passage appeared last night, where he tells the story of  fans suddenly appearing at the restaurant table which was occupied by Ethel Merman and a friend. One such admirer was a 'filthy-rich elderly Texan, with the big hat and thin tie and bits of silver all over him'!

Our lady commented on his silver cuff links, which turned out to be real, tiny pistols, and which actually worked!

'Try one' said the Texan, so she carefully took hold of one of the pistols and pulled the trigger! 

There was a sharp crack, a little smoke and Ethel's best friend let out a loud yelp and clutched her large bosom! Miss Merman, who thought it was a live round, (it wasn't, it was just the wad from a blank), let out an enormous shriek and howled, 'Shit - I've just shot my best friend in the tit with a cuff link'!

Collapse of Scrobs in tears of uncontrollable laughter...