Friday 30 October 2020

New services, more cash for family O'Blene...

Scrobs has bored most chums here for ages about switching, much of which was learned from E-K, who is a genius in such matters!

So we switched electricity, saving £20.00 a month, and while doing so, an ad came up about the broadband, and so we've now saved in total about a quid a day for the next year! Can't be bad, considering that all they do is click a switch, press a key, and that's the job done!

I'm no clever-clogs in high finance, but when there are quite a few regulations around these days, where you can get a better deal online, then a few keystrokes does the business, and we're now planning a decent Christmas lunch, as Tesco have some good deals on offer!

And just to prove that keyboards are fantastic, here's the best player in the world!

Wednesday 21 October 2020

48th Wedding Anniversary theatre visit...


Saw this for the first time recently, so decided to take Senora O'Blene along as a celebration treat!


Monday 12 October 2020

Up and down like a tom cat's trousers...


A few years ago, the Family Scrobs were on hols in The West Country, and having a very pleasant time.

One of the trips away from the holiday home, was to Lynton and Lynmouth, where the catastrophic flooding happened in the nineteen-fifties.  There's plenty about that on old Pathe News bulletins (also see Scrobs passim It is a great place to visit, and one of the stars of the show is the funicular railway between the town at the top of the cliff, and the harbour below.

A trip on this railway is a must for all visitors as well. The workings are so basic, it's amazing that more isn't made of such a simple engineering solution! Water is pumped into  a tank in the car at the top, which descends to pull up the car from the bottom, which has no water in its reservoir. They almost meet half-way, then proceed to each of their 'stations', and the whole procedure restarts.

There's a similar arrangement in Hastings Old Town up East Cliff, and several others dotted around the country, so the nerd in me asks why don't I visit every one of then, and do a Panorama Special on the subject?

I'm sure the awful BBC could use some decent prorammes instead of the dross they plonk out now!

Monday 5 October 2020

F**k off Sainsbury...

 I can't understand why Sainsbury's have decided to become such soft, leftie plonkers.

They're market traders, for God's sake! They take your money, cheat you any way they can, stuff you with unwanted rubbish, but then claim to support a criminal crowd of ne'er-do wells!

Forget it! No more shopping in that great, ugly smelly 'citadel' in Hastings!

(Sources say they got planning permission after years of chucking money around - it was ever thus)!

Done for!