Wednesday 25 October 2023

Five old boys...

Apart from the title of this post being the same as a new novel I saw on the shelves, I'm meeting four old friends and colleagues from my schooldays back in the late fifties and early sixties, so we'll all be in our seventh decade and there'll be a good deal of banter about the 'good old days...

I still have copies of all the old school magazines, plus some other material which I will take along, so at least we can check up on all the outrageous claims that will undoubtedly be made after a couple of pints of Harveys Best Bitter and a nourishing chilli con carne!

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Fabulous red-headery...

Just clicking around the old Amstrad the other day, Scrobs found an amazing short article here: - 

National Redhead Day

Found In: Tilburg 
Est. Cost: N/A 

The last weekend in August is a fun time in the Netherlands, especially if you are a redhead. National Redhead Day is a major festival that draws in thousands of people to the city of Tilburg. The festival began as a small event in Asten, and it grew when more people got wind of it.

National Redhead Day @r/mildlyinteresting/RedditNational Redhead Day @r/mildlyinteresting/Reddit

People travel from all over the world to attend National Redhead Day, and the festival features games, prizes, food stalls, and more. Events include workshops, “Find The Name Of Your Hair Color,” “The Power of a Redhead” lectures, bouncy castles, and other fun events dedicated to the beauty of red locks.


I have several genuine redhead friends around here, and just love to see these delightful sights, especially around now, in the Autumn!

Winter, of course, with all that snow and ice, fits Scrobs' hair colour to a tee...

Wednesday 11 October 2023

It is written...

Chatting with a daughter the other day, she mentioned a term I'd not heard before! Her new contract with her firm required 'a wet signature'! I'd never thought that such an issue would need to be explained to me, but it's quite simple really, (now she's told me in words of one syllable)! 

With so much digital traffic flying around the ether, a firm written indication of intent or proof of a document is a necessity, so one has to write one's monica on the dotted line at some stage, and not just bung off a three word text message!

You learn something every day, so please accept this hand-written post with my compliments...!