Tuesday 23 February 2021

Battle of Wounded Knee...


Scrobs was going to do another musical post next, but time at a desk has been reduced as the knee is hurting more than somewhat!

It's no real big thing, but the smallest jobs take a lot more thinking don't they, so as it's on the mend, I'll start again!

I was going to make some reference to the real Massacre at Wounded Knee, but reading the Wikipedia section has further affected my dislike for the way that so many Indians were treated back then, (see Scrobs Passim - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wounded_Knee_Massacre the illustration seems to have gone, but it's just a stock pic so not important), and my fat joint is not worthy of a comparison!

But anyway, the dog's been walked, the fire cleared and all is on the mend as expected!

Thursday 11 February 2021

Chapel in the valley...

Back in 1965, a teenaged Scrobs was on a short holiday with his family in Wales, and we stayed in a converted chapel miles away from anywhere! It really was very bleak, and why such a fervent place of worship should be so far from the flock it was meant to administer, I've never understood! But anyway, I remember it clearly as quite a pleasant place, and incredibly quiet and peaceful.

My dad took a few photos, and when we cleared out their house back in the nineties, I kept them, as one does!

The tree line to the left is actually the River Severn, but merely a stream at that point!

Dad's Vauxhall VX490 TDY 175 parked further along.

Scrobs at seventeen...

It had a huge fireplace, and my mum had come equipped with several packets of John Player Mild fags, and dad had brought several of the new style Ind Coope beer cans - the sort you opened with a sort of triangular spanner! So all was well with the world!

Scrobs back then carried fewer ounces of course, and that was possibly going to change, but of course, he didn't know that back then, fifty-five years ago...

But...I could never remember the address of the place! I knew roughly the area (most of South Wales), and that was it!

Fast forward to the recent lockdown times - Scrobs is in the roof, clearing some of the usual dross which has accumulated over the years, and his old writing case appears from nowhere! A quick shufti through the contents brought forward some old letters, and lo and behold, a couple of these missives were from a certain holiday home to the west of Llanidloes! An internet search, however, came to nought, and I spent ages poking around country lanes, 'driving' past all sorts of barren landscapes, and getting nowhere!

Cue a chum here, Mr MC, (Morbid Curiosity - on the right), who immediately found a list of all the redundant chapels in Wales, and their locations! Superb deduction!

The rest is history, and here is the exact chapel, modified a bit around the front door, and clearly a happy home in the hills for someone who treasures such idyllic surroundings!

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Clutching at straws...

I really must put up a new post, as the fabulous Enid one has gathered so many comments (smarm), I feel it is time I did something more!

As lots of chums here know, I'm still stuck in the 'pomp rock' years, and just to make some waves with several afficianados, I want to post a link to one of my favourite albums...

Fish has such a distinctive voice, he's a very clever man, and some of the tracks on here are just staggeringly fabulous!