Thursday 28 February 2019

Dah, dah, de da dah, daaah de dah de daaaah...

So dear old Andrew Previn has reached the black keys off the edge of the keyboard... His fingers must have worked magic

He was pretty damn good at his craft, and had many girlfireinds who may testify to that honour - good for him!

There's one piece of music I remember him for, but at the moment, I'm buggered if I can recall what it was!


Tuesday 19 February 2019

Comments gone south...

Scrobs is bereft...

Google, in it's wisdom, sent me an email to change terms, bugger up, alter stuff etc, and asked me to click a box, which I dutifully did.

There was a long pause, and a pop-up occurred which said 'saving' and, being suspicious, I decided to shut the whole bloody thing down by clicking the red cross box.

It's just as well I did, as I might have deleted every single bloody comment all my chums have made for over eleven years, and that would have been a dreadful mistake!

At this sort of time, I feel very sad that I've lost your comments going back to November last year, and apologise profusely.

I try and remain savvy on this little blog; it's like an old mate to me, as well as a reminder of times past, and the comments from chums long gone are immortal.

I'm so sorry...

Friday 8 February 2019

Absolutely stunning - what a Gal...

Ever since Scrobs and his dear sister used to play the piano with both feet on the pedals to make an odd sound (the organ, we called it), the sight of an expert in full flow is still such an exquisite pleasure, and this fits the bill because I just love all the chord sequences, the passion and also, the chat and the smiles half-way through!

Sophie is just an amzing perfectionist! Volume up high everyone, it's a real treat!