Wednesday 27 July 2016

Small type...

As we're clearly 'of a certain age', the fragrant Mrs O'Blene and I regularly get those confounded leaflets for items like stair lifts (good idea, but not yet), and all things to do with how to spend our huge pension pots, or asking for money for some cheridee or something! We also apparently need solar panels, which are a fashion accessory we hadn't really considered of late, and also we're told how Tunbridge Wells approaches 'diversidee', which is also an anathema, as we didn't realise that our home town - or near miss -, actually had any reason to be diverse any more!

But the latest one intrigues me, and as it's for a big UK name, and one I ought to warn you about it.

It's for English Heritage, and they want more than fifty notes to join. The leaflet quite rightly defines the richness of our country, and how there are hundreds of different venues to visit.

But there's one snag, and I wonder if either of you can spot the problem...?


Each 'venue' is printed in such small letters that you need a microscope to see them!

Someone, somewhere, in the dripping nauseous cellars where all National Heritage workers are bolted to the wall, may well wonder why there are no takers, as people like the O'Blenes can't actually read their blurb because the old glasses are not capable of squinting at such a small print!

I blame Brexit of course, and probably, so does the BBC and the Gud Rhianna and also, oh what, any other silly rag or prog where nobody understands late-middle aged normal people..;0)

I wouldn't actually know, of course, as I don't listen to or read either or any of them!

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Why aye mun...

I'm 69 today, and Mrs Scroblene has bought me an electric bicycle!

We popped over to Woodchurch this morning and sealed the deal very easily - really nice guy; knows what he's talking about; we have a mutual chum anyway - and I went around all the lanes near here, without a care in the world!

Then I met my doctor with his wife, and was told that helmets were required...

Great day anyway, beers at a local hostelry, Mrs Scroblene looking sublime...

What else is there in this life, eh?

Thursday 14 July 2016

Good day for Scrobs...

Although I'm not really a political animal with the skills of Raedwald or Guido, I do like to feel good when I think things may well get better when certain politicians hit the headlines.

I actually wanted Andrea Leadsom as a leader, and heard that on the Brexit night, she'd been coached to kingdom-come on what to say, but now she is in a damn good job, so then all's well with Scrobs!

Whether it is about 'kitten shoes', or whatever, with Mrs May, we have a chance now to kick the corrupt, weedy, whining, pathetic kinnockian-style tribe into touch, and really motor on.

I'm 69 next week. I never thought I'd have an ear to one or two people outside my village, but at least my knowledge of the real world can at least be laughed-at; agreed with, forgotten, and nobody really can do anything to stop that!

Also, the best news today is this!

The decision to scrap the separate Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) angered opposition MPs.

What a way to go!

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Apt oink pic...

Is it a bank?

Is it a gummint cabinet?

Is it summat from Brussels?

Is it a multi-national?

Is it a lawyer?

All for the 'chop' hopefully one day!

(h/t TQWT on Guido)