Saturday 27 August 2011

Alan Coren's legacy...

Here come the bubbling scum,
Out from Foskett's Alloys,
There goes a dollop of something brown,
Down from Gribling's Mills.

My little boy's got covered in boils,
My little dog's gone bald,
Ho hum, humpidy hum,
All the ducks is dead.

This was published in 'Punch' back in the nineteen sixties, and was written about the time that everyone was getting a bit fed up with pollution, and sterile rivers etc.

Alan Coren called it something like 'Contamination Lament', and, after several pints, (quite a few actually), my chums and I used to sing it to a hastily made-up tune, which still lingers today...

If anyone has a copy of 'Punch' from back then, I'd love to see how the words have stuck!

Monday 22 August 2011

The good life continues...

The new allotment tends to take up quite a lot of spare time these days, so Sagtrouser and Bucket's Plant Hire section, is getting some well deserved business.

Some implements are easier to use than others...

Saturday 6 August 2011

Air guitar...Carpenters...

An astonishingly memorable riff from a superb guitarist, who must have recognised the charm and beauty of one of the loveliest voices in my lifetime, and just made this track an epic.

Hear the lovely lady here and wonder what happened to such beautiful singers...

I miss this sort of fabulous singing, she was such a gorgeous girl.

This is dedicated to my Mum, who would have been 97 today. Bless.