Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Reading gravestones.

While walking small dog around the church yard early one morning, I found myself reading a gravestone of an eminent gentleman, who is mentioned in all our local history books.

As it was early morning, the sun didn't pick out the words well, as it was shining directly on the stone. So, I'm going to have to wait until just before midday, when the carved letters are in 'relief', and, with a little shadow, I'll be able to read everything.

It's only just occurred to me that this phenomenom must apply to every gravestone in the country, as all churches are built east/west, and burials were made with the headstones facing east. The vicars were faced the other way, as if facing their flocks.

The dog didn't take much notice though, as she can't read!


Tuscan Tony said...

If you haven't already done so, go and invest some of your life here:


Modo said...

Haven't you thought that a quick rubbing might have saved you time?

lilith said...

I heard that gravestones were invented to show God where you are when the apocalypse arrives. Perhaps God can read with the sun in his eyes...