Tuesday, 8 May 2007

International disaster

Elektro Kevin quite rightly asserts his wisdom here: -

‘Have you ever considered posting some porn, Scrobs ?

What is so sad, is that when I put this post on, it was the most important thing I'd read up to then! As it was a bank holiday, all routine went out the window, and by midday, a cooling glass of white was at my elbow in no time at all.

Mrs S had the paper first; I was reading a book of old local photographs (I know the author well) and was contemplating a refill. After several of these, I had to make some sort of comment and interrupted Mrs S, which can on occasions, cause a battle royal.

The shop window comment became more and more of an impending disaster and blossomed into a national tragedy. All other news paled into insignificance! It even started raining!

After lunch, the inevitable happened; the item was copied carefully into the correct box. (typing with one eye of course). The news just had to be relayed to the one person whom I knew would read it and respond with passion.

And he did, bless…

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Electro-Kevin said...

I find that when you post something smutty it draws the women - they're a decadent bunch, the fairer sex.