Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Strawberry Fields forever...

The other night, somewhat sleepless but looking forward to the day ahead, Scrobs turned on a small wireless and caught one of the most enlightening snippets heard in a long time!

It was Colin Murray having a chat with one of the team at Strawberry Field, where John Lennon used to visit sometimes, and become involved with the place. Sadly, I can't remember the lady in question, but to listen to her kindness, dedication and general humility was moving and enlightening. The site is here.

Back in the 1960s, when I was a surveyor in London, one of our clients was the Salvation Army - or 'Sally-Anne' as we called them, and they really did do some fabulous buildings. Their professional teams were superb,  and we all rather liked the normality and quiet business-like manner of the work. Of course they paid well and promptly too!

Although I've never visited Liverpool, I reckon that the first visit I might make would be to this lovely place - then I'd drive over and buy Thud a huge drink!


Thud said...

Strawberry fields is set in a very pretty part of Liverpool and I know the area well so a Beatles guided tour is on the cards if you ever visit....then a swift half or three.

Scrobs. said...

Marvellous, Thud!

Having grown up with The Beatles, and Paul living just a few miles from here, it should really be a pilgrimage of sorts!

Paul, btw, has done a heck of a lot for the communities in Rye, etc. He and Spike Milligan helped the Rye Hospital, and also the theatre at the local college! He's well-liked here!

microdave said...

"A small wireless"

Is that one of those quaint old devices which receive programmes WITHOUT needing an internet connection?

Scrobs. said...

Yes, MD, it's a tiny DAB wireless, but needs an aerial in the earphones cable and sometimes it doesn't work, so I have to use a similar size steam radio...

I don't understand why another DAB radio I have gets in a sulk - we must be in a bad area!

Luckily the mobile doesn't work either, so was Mafeking released..? :0)