Monday, 14 June 2021

Go - Brillo...

GB News                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
What a great new place to go for unbiased news!

When so many citizens in Great Britain are just fed up with most of the dross the BBC is churning out - paid for by the iniquitous TV tax, it was bound to happen that a proper alternative would arrive sooner or later, and here it is!

The website is on 'favourites' chez Scrobs, and will be the normal spot for unfaked news from now on!

Go Brillo et al!


A K Haart said...

Just bookmarked it. Lets hope it just tells it as it is and the audience is big enough to keep it going.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

It'll be a new experience from now on, getting real news!

We've been dished up fake stuff for far too many years, so let's see what occurs!

The Jannie said...

Tagged it. At the first sign of "celebrity" sanctification: it goes!

Scrobs. said...

Quite right, The J, but I also hardly ever watch any live TV, so will miss the stuff as it happens! Their website is much easier to see, and at this time of day, is quite enough for me!

The only time I look at the awful BBC's website, is when I want to wear a cilice...

Scrobs. said...

Green Flag
Ikea (Has expressed interest in advertising again in the future)
Johnson & Johnson
Just Eat
Moneysupermarket (Has expressed interest in advertising again in the future)
National Lottery
People’s Postcode Lottery
Premier Inn
Rana Pasta
Richmond sausages/Strings & Things (Cheesestrings)
Taylors coffee

Ha ha ha ha!

Losers to Scrobs' fortune!

Anonymous said...

Who is a citizen ? those who hold a Br h ish passport innit bruv, or those whos fathers and grandfathers made this land

Scrobs. said...

A conundrum, Anon...

Anonymous said...

Fences can become uncomfortable after a while, perusing your links, there are those who have decided, whilst I appreciate and understand your diplomacy, this country is fast becoming divided, when football stadiums play music to silence the voices of the masses, the police run away unless it is a pensioner to arrest, there is little hope

Scrobs. said...

I reckon you're right there, Anon - please give me a name, you're important!

While I have absolutely no interest in football, I'll uphold anyone's views on the subject as long as they keep to my morals, and booing a ridiculous bunch of virtue-signallers is definitely on my cards!