Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Home by the sea...(Who me)?

(Relevance to subject matter will only be recognised by those who know the song…sorry…)!

Still reeling from the Great Concert at HQ, I now realise that the ‘Big 60’ occurs tomorrow, and I am celebrating for the next few days with Mrs S, our two girls and their men folk.

In an episode of Father Ted it is suggested that July 19th is the day that the Ice Age ended. I rather like that…(Mrs Doyle, thanks for the hat tip and the sandwiches…’They’re egg aren’t they…’)

I share my birthday with A.J.Cronin, who wrote the classic story ‘The Citadel’, (I used to go to a pub in Acton, - regularly - and once met John Welsh, who played Merriman in The Duchess of Duke St., and he was rehearsing a part in the play of the book. We had a long friendly chat, and he was a charming, quiet man. We had to watch the play of course, and it was especially good).

Also born on the 19th July are Ilie Nastase, (who shrieked at everyone long before Connors or McEnroe), Vicki Carr, (who used to bear a striking resemblance to Mrs S), and my guitar hero, Brian May of Queen - we are the same age to the day. It was he who started the ‘Electro-K Bass’ desire for stardom and his playing astounds me every time I hear that Red Special’ guitar.

So, to change the words of Auden’s poem a little…

Restart all the atomic clocks, connect the new BT Internet telephone,
Get the dog barking and prancing around with a juicy bone,
Turn up the keyboards and with Phil Collins on drums
Bring out the bottles, let the Family come!

And it will be a great day!

PS. I already have my Senior Rail Card, will get my eyes tested next week, and the next lot of pills are buckshee…!

PPS. The morning after I got home from Twickenham, I got a letter saying I would soon be eligible for a winter fuel allowance too…


lilith said...

I fancied Nastase..but I was only a wee thing.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Scroblene..I am so pleased to have had intercourse with you. Your name fascinated me from the beginning on blogs..."What is Scroblene?" I asked myself...some sort of cleaning product? An Australian girl? An unusual form of writing desk? You have always made me laugh Scrobbers..Have a fun day. x

Electro-Kevin said...

Happy Birthday from me too.

Did I just have 'intercourse' with Scrobs too ?

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...


Thank you so much!

You are an incredibly clever young lady, and one answer is RIGHT!!!

BTW; you're not Younger or Elder Daught are you...things could have repercussions beyond my control!

I'm gonna tell you soon; it's not rocket science, but it belongs to us here in Scroblene Towers, and is just our bit of fun!

Electro-K; Thanks to you too! Lilith has just set my controls for the sun, and I'm wondering what to do with the remaining bits I have while I'm still in my fifties!

BTW; I'm glad you're back - things look good now!

Metody Jankowiak said...

In the dying minutes of your 60'th year (for yes tomorrow will infact be you 61'st year)as you sit no doubt with tartan rug over your boney knees, your trembling hand curdling your warm milk, you must, I imagine, be thinking back to the glories of the past... for what is left of life now but a fading ember.
Have you thought about buying a sports car yet?

Happy Birthday to you sir, and very many of them. I'll have a gin to you.


Chris said...

Happy birthday Scroblene. I've picked out the gift I'd give you if I was joining in your celebrations - one of those huge cosy slippers that you put both feet in. De rigeur for the over 60s.

But instead you can have the good wishes.

lilith said...

I am neither elder or younger daughter, unless you got jiggy with my Ma when you were 17?

Happy Birthday! OOOh I am even more curious now Scroblene! Do tell!

I can't put new posts up as Blogger has decided that I am a "Spam Blog". Working on it.

Tuscan Tony said...

Happy Birthday Scrobs!

Philipa said...

Happy Birthday Scrobs, please see song on E-K's site, Hope you have a lovely day x

Nick Drew said...

Happy Birthday Scrobbers

from the radioactive ruins of No.9 The Ovaries

I have taken an experimental self-denying ordinance on songs but shall raise a glass

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Philipa, Ayscoughe (you young bounder you...!), TT, Nick; thank you all for your kind thoughts!

E-K et al, that virtual card was a masterpiece! I must reply asap.

We have spent about two hours walking small dog in the local forest, which was necessary, to walk off a similar amount of bubbles consumed at lunchtime, and now Mrs S has booked us in at the local pub for a repeat performance...!

I have just been able to record a 78, and prise it into a new Ipod, and, with the necessary ear trumpet, the sound is pretty good!

I may even be fit enough to post again tomorrow, but on the other hand, it may be a grabled mess; so wait and see. Lilith keeps badgering me to reveal all on the origin of 'Scroblene', and it may not be worth the wait, it's not a huge issue, but funny to us here...!

Crushed said...

Happy Birthday, Mr Scroblene !!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you!!!! Accept a big sloppy wet kiss on the forehead oh scrobilicious one!! XXXX