Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Lost opportunity...

While walking little dog on the playing fields early one morning, it struck me that when the football season has finished, and during the nano second before it starts again, there is a quiet time of inactivity on the sward.

We used to have a cricket team here, but the square was deemed too dangerous, and all matches were stopped. Very occasionally there are a few kids playing in an organised junior games session, but little else happens in summer now.

Several years ago, when the square was usable, the football pitch was in regular use on one side, and there was also a big area of spare ground where nobody played anything. I was Chairman of our village Rugby Club then; we barely had enough players for one team, but as is usual in clubs like this, the spirit was great, and we enjoyed the camaraderie and the occasional win. We decided to try and get our home matches played there.

No chance said the Parish council; (although our club sponsored the village fete several times, and spread the money round the local charities). We asked them if we could use other open fields in the village. Ooooh no, they said, we may want them one day; (still taking the cash). We tried for planning permission on a private field next to a lively pub; (we paid for that). Application voted down by the same council; (inappropriate use, could turn into a sports stadium one day)!

This self-interested, small-minded, inward-looking bunch of sad individuals effectively caused the club to wither and eventually disband, and stunted the growth of another national sport in the village. And so there are the groups of fat, idle kids wandering around the playing field now, leaving the usual collection of sicky drink bottles and crisp packets. What a legacy!

So the current Government betrayal of sports organisations and facilities began long ago, when MPs were just narrow-minded Parish Councillors.


Electro-Kevin said...

Fat kids - what a sad indictment.

You seem like a good stick, Scrobs. I've just started helping out running my local Karate club. Very hard - like having another family to worry about.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Well done E-K!

Anything to keep kids adjusting and ready for what they're going to have to put up with in later life is a real bonus for them.

I get confused with all the alternatives to Karate, and assume that they all rely on something which means activity, which must be good!

And you can do all this inside!

Keep going old chap!

hatfield girl said...

Childhood makes the grownup we're told. You probably had a good one S. Mine was thoroughly enjoyed , by me at least.

It's weird reading about 'getting over' a childhood, but that's the image held by all these killjoys, even though horrid childhoods were quite rare, and being poor wasn't at all what they paint it as.

There aren't so many children now either, to form teams and things.

Even a mention of the kinds of childhoods led by lots of us evokes torrents of scorn and disbelief and accusations of Janet and John false memories.

As for the very idea of playing adventures, Bill Smugs has been marked down in all their mean and miserable correctthink minds.

Scouse Doris said...

I was a keen Girls Guide in my youth and spent a lot of time camping, tying knots, trying to force my good turns onto people and sewing on badges. Very character building I'm sure - though did nearly get thrown out when found in one of the scouts tents after lights out!

Electro-Kevin said...

In fact the inverse is true with karate - off they go for their summer hols and it's a bugger to get them to come back. Luckily I teach mainly adults and adolescents (adults often have more staying power). I started mid-30s and got my first dan when I was 40.

Electro-Kevin said...

I've invented a new style - guitarte. If they no like-a ma guitar I smacka their face.

Old BE said...

I wish I had done more sport as a child. There was plenty of opportunity but I shirked it blaming my asthma or some other passing ailment. I'm only really getting into doing lots of exercise now but I think I would find it a lot easier had I actually learnt to play football or rugby or something properly as a child.

There's not much to motivate me to go to the gym or for a run, but I think if I was part of a team I would be bounced into it more often!

hatfield girl said...

Play hockey, Ed. Then at least you go onto the pitch armed.

Left inner.

Anonymous said...

Could bring in a lot of trampolines and make a trampoline park??

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Mrs S used to teach lacrosse, which is a lethal combination of hard sticks, harder balls, and very hard girls...

Give me rugby any time; it always rained when I played, and the ground was softer.

Ms Smack said...

hello luv!

Finally found the pic you were giving me clues for.

Thanks so much!


The Hitch said...

Dear Mr scrobs
Re you previous posting castette posting
download anything you like for free, play it on your pc or in your car (if mp3 compatible)can also be played

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Morning Hitch,

That's very good of you - thanks!

Rumour has it that I might get an Ipod for my enormous birthday, and although I posted in exasperation, I'm going to enjoy listening to all those 78s again...