Friday, 8 June 2007

Working on Saturdays...

I was sending a reply to Electrokevin just now, in response to his post saying he had to work on Saturdays.

Somehow, this has triggered a warm feeling of companionship, and while Mrs S is reading the paper (she's had a crap day and deserves a break from me and reality), I thought, that this response may make others feel better, and hopefully not worse.

Here's the note: -


Sorry you have to work the weekend.

I haven't had to work on Saturdays since the 60s, when we had to do alternate Saturday mornings at the estate agents (don't you love 'em...) where I was based. As junior, I had to operate one of those awful office telephone exchanges, and regularly squirted the noise of the ringing bells down the ears of the partners, by putting the keys in the wrong holes!

After all the bollocking, I really said 'Sod it', and went on to better things.

I must say, however, that now I am continually involved, night and day, seven days a week, in our development business, which takes up every waking hour; I really enjoy talking to good guys like you, and Tuscan, and Hitch, Lilith and Hatfield Girl, and even Guido and Iain Dale, when I'm feeling vociferous... and occasionally a chap called O. Gosling Esq - or whoever he is this month...(Sometimes I even pretend to be a Lt.Col. with an errant sister, an estate)!

So that, in a nutshell, is what I'm doing at the moment, and life ain't as bad as it's cracked up to be. Have some good moments on me this w/e anyway; we've mostly all been there anyway!


Oliver Gosling said...

Dissatisfaction is the modern disease Mr. O'Blene.
As an ex-guards officer (Household Cavalry not GWR) I salute you sir.

lilith said...

You ARE Doris, Scrobbers! And I am Bunty :)

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs Lilith!

After all this time I've been telling Tibbles you would be back, and here you are as right as rain!

I reckon we should all try and coax T.P.Fuller, Nick Drew, (Cityunslicker...?), Oliver Gosling, Lucien Modo and the rest to regroup and begin all over again, don't you?

We could have been on the B.Sapphires ages ago had we known!

I think this is incredibly hilarious, and somehow, there must be a story in it!

Sorry about the continuing reference to The Lamb, I assure you, it's all in the 'Best Parssible taste'!

lilith said...

Yes, I am sorry about Tibbles. I should send you a cheque for cat food. I knew she was in good hands though ;-)

lilith said...

Oliver Gosling and Lucien Modo are the same person (I think) but is D C Warmington actually Thomas Fuller, or is he Modo too? Hector Munroe is one of them....And how can Modo be Brownnaggree? I have a blog-crush on Modo, but he is scary too.

Mike Armitage said...
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Mike Armitage said...

Ha ha ha ha! Ooooops... Ha ha...bugger...

Dear Lilith,

That was me deleting that last letter, it should have been addressed to Bunty!!! Silly thing to do when the fingers aren't all they used to be, and shake a lot.

What I really meant to say was...

Morning Bunty,

Damn fine morning what!

Doris tells me that you have a bit of an inside track on Gosling! Funny man that; buggers off to Market Harborough, the reappears as Hector’s House or someone or other. Can’t get to grips with all this…T.P.Fuller went the same way!

Warmington is probably all three, possibly four, maybe five…

And that chap Modo, he doesn’t reply to any letters on Bibble, or whatever he calls home. Beavershott has gone, and I’ve only realised recently how rude that name was…

D’ya remember the good old days, when we all used to run rings round the Parish Council, and you turned up at the County Ball in your wellingtons?

Miranda sends her love, and I’m sure Felicity will when she returns from a long, long weekend with the rugby club (cricket section).

Happy days.


Electro-Kevin said...

Today is sunday. I've just got back from work having watched everyone else having fun in the sun. Boy, did that first glass of chilled Banrock Station go down well !

Metody Jankowiak said...

"Oliver Gosling and Lucien Modo are the same person (I think)"


Hector Munroe?

I think you must take me for some kind of mad man. Thank God that I am safe here in North Africa!

Metody Jankowiak said...

Oh very well.

If you give me your user names I can invite you to contribute if you wish.

Metody Jankowiak said...

I mean email addresses.

Bunty Binstock said..., Oliver. (If you're sure you are not Modo.)

I hope your foot is on the mend Mannerings, I have a fabulous poultice recipe I brought back from Papua New Guinea....

Bunts xoxoxoo