Tuesday 19 October 2021

It's 'nothing'...


What are we getting from our tax-paid lumpen bunch of losers-

  • Police - fuck all
  • Sensible government for all - fuck all
  • Doctor's appointments - fuck all
  • Local authority management - fuck all
  • County council (again) - fuck all
  • Dustmen - fuck all
  • Police (again) - fuck all
  • Kent County Council - fuck all
  • Government work to stop places flooding - fuck all
  • Immigration (illegal) - fuck all
  • Real assistance for vulnerable people - fuck all
  • Intelligent people who understand climate - fuck all
Add to the list if you need to, I'm weary of the waste of typing the words after each item...

Bloody hell, I forgot the main one!

  • The B bloody B sodding C!

Doh, how could I forget that over-paid lot!

And our good friend, AKH has added two more to the list!

  • Education - fuck all
  • Patriotism - fuck all
Please note a slight change in the picture from the previous one. I found that every time I wanted to read posts from chums about Senora O'Blene and Nols, all I saw was anger, and that's not what I feel now. I'll leave the text as I really do feel that normal citizens are getting a rough deal in many ways.


Thud said...

Spot on.

The Jannie said...

Damn! You weren't supposed to notice . . .

Scrobs. said...

Thanks Men!

Anyone I've left out?

A K Haart said...

Excellent list. Maybe education could be added, at least it could round here. Plus patriotism.

Scrobs. said...

Marvellous -(what - Ed?)

They're on the list as soon as I can put the blasted PC into new address mode!

How I could forget the awful BBC, I really don't know!

Must be going mad...

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

The post now contains your excellent addition, AK!

Hope this is OK with you!

James Higham said...

Nicely put.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Not to sound even more curmudgeonly... but we are getting even less than f**k all.

We now have to separate our rubbish before the dustmen call, we have to fill in endless forms to convince banks and the Post Office that we are not laundering our own money, don't mention overweening COVID restrictions, we are expected to upend our lives for small contributions to the reduction of global warming when the really big contributors swan on. I seem to be completing confirmations for the electoral roll on a regular basis. Dealing with any council on-line is a demonstration of how disparate back-end systems don't work well together.

Other examples of 'improvements' that are worse than the original: 'Easy Open Packaging'. 'Help Desks', 'Resealable Packs'.

Scrobs. said...

Thank you James. I tried my hardest to be pleasant, then realised that I'd waste my time...

Scrobs. said...

DJ, you're absolutely right!

It really sticks in my craw that this lot will also get eye-watering pensions at 50, long after I've gone thank goodness, and the government is doing absolutely nothing about the huge debt our grandchildren will have to cough up to pay for these fat cats!