Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Headcorn in the news...


Headcorn, gateway to the South East!

Just a few notes on the place...

  • Two lovely chums moved there when they sold their house here, and couldn't find anywhere to live in our village.
  • I had my first building project there in 1989.
  • The big pub on the corner is now an Indian joint, so of course, we won't go there again.
  • My dad bought me an ice cream there around 1960 when we were visiting a Guinness farm in Teynham.
  • Our favoured charity, The Kent Air Ambulance used to be based there.
  • We had our  jabs for the covids at Headcorn Aerodrome (yes, there really is one).
  • I finished up there late one night when I went to sleep on the train and missed my station.
  • I was involved with the first local Sainsbury's there, and the agent never gave me a penny for my trouble. (We don't go to them any more as they wrote to us and suggested that if we didn't like their 'woke' ideas we could shop elsewhere, so we do)!
  • I often went to work in Canterbury that way, as I like the route and it's one of the prettiest roads around here.
  • A lovely lady chum works in the hairdressers there.
  • Four chaps sadly died in a crash there a couple of days ago, The national rags did the story, the local rag hardly mentioned it at all...

Headcorn 1972


The Jannie said...

Too good to be true - when does the new building start all round it?

Scrobs. said...

Much of it has started already, TheJ.

Kent County Council, and most of the local boroughs are intent on concreting over all the larger villages, to house the boat people who don't even bother to pay P&O to get to Dover!

A K Haart said...

I'd never heard of Headcorn before. The name had me scratching my head.

Scrobs. said...

It's that sort of place, AK.

Rather 'Kentish' but not as nice as it used to be!