Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Hospital corners...

Back in the old school days, one of the first tasks a small chap had to learn, was how to make his own bed.

Up to then, Mothers used to make beds at home, deal with the untidiness etc., and generally make the bedroom tidier than an eleven-year-old would leave it, so it was a bit of a shock to be told how to make my bed on the first morning away from home!

Apart from disentangling various sheets and blankets, rugs and sometimes slippers, socks etc., the job was a necessity, as the tidiest dormitory each term was rewarded with a special tea - including sanwiches made with the delicacy if the year, sandwich spread!

So the Hospital Corner was geometrically engineered to the Nth degree, with an angle of exactly 45 degrees at each bottom corner. The counterpane, (Bill Bryson's nemesis), was then left to hang loosely along each side of the bed, until it reached the pillow, where it was folded neatly down.

This ritual stayed with us all in each dormitory for several years, until emigration to another place at thirteen years of age meant that all those skills were lost forever, as the new regime demanded a full side tuck-in, and the elegance was lost forever!



A K Haart said...

"...and generally make the bedroom tidier than an eleven-year-old would leave it,"

That's what I found - the bedroom floor wasn't supposed to be the primary storage area.

Scrobs. said...

It wasn't in that dorm, AK!

Even the flannels were geometrically arranged, with toothbrushes facing in the same direction!

At home of course, things changed...

(My mother was furious when I did the hospital corner on my home bed - steam was coming out of her ears)!