Wednesday, 6 May 2020

It wasn't the Northumbrian pipes, it was the Uilleann pipes...

We were talking about the pipes a day or so go, so here's the one I was thinking about, one and all!

I just love this and somehow, the sentiments of the words are pretty-well spot on at the moment!


goosegirl said...

You, you, you! You are the only person who
Made last night's tears come back again.
Now I'll have to go back once more
To find the core of why were here.

We've been given one more chance
To "Ring around the rosies
With a pocket full of posies."
So what's your favourite dance?

Don't do it Scrobs as it may go viral
So please don't tango on your wife's new table
Or you will be rather liable
To be bedded down without your cocoa.

At least I've got good DVD's
So I can watch them and just as I please.
There's Wallace and Gromit, then there's Poirot and Morse
Along with The Green Mile and others of course.

Just a little Ps for my little dear Scrobs.
If you find you're out of a job
There's always a GG that will be behind you.
A long, long way behind you!

Scrobs. said...

Goosey - you are a starlet amongst a heaven of brightness, shining out from an abyss of deep light, and also a beacon... (that's enough hyperbole - Ed).

Lovely poem - I'm with you all the way; even that far!

That bit of the pipes just gets me 'there', and Steve Winwood is a man from all my music-loving past, he deserves all he can get!

goosegirl said...

Monsieur Scrobs. I feel so unworthy of your kind accolade, but maybe it's your most beautiful prose that inspired me to go onto eBay to get a new battery for my torch because:-

"I fear the tyger burning bright
In the darkness of the night.
We won a war, then others came
To make us think life's just a game.

Play your cards you've all been given.
Make the most when your heart's been riven.
There's no more bets. Rien ne va plus.
Is there no more we could do?

Touching out to someone near
Just to alleviate their fear
Your ambience will always stay
With both of you to your dying day.

Scrobs. said...

Pure nectar of symmetry, love and beauty, GG!

goosegirl said...

You've left my keyboard wet with tears.
I do so wish they'd wipe out fears.
Where have all those children gone
Who used to Hopscotch in the sun?

Now we've all been hunkering down
In a city or in a town.
Our world will never be the same again.
Forget the climate and acid rain.

Remember why your heart's still lives.
It's that which helps the love you give.
You'll never know how much it means
To all your family, kith and kins.

I'll put my hugs on Amazon
As they're always free if you just log on.
Just find my website then you'll get
The bestest hugs on the internet.

Scrobs. said...

I'll send you my password, GG, and we'll have a hug that way!

Poetry from the heart, in an instant is so important.