Thursday 11 October 2018

The day we went to Bangor...

Senora O'Blene and I often chortle this gorgeous song, usually tinctures in hand before supper, as out of the pair of us, a certain person (not me), makes up outrageous lines and words, which need to be kept under wraps as far as the tender ears of youngsters, small animals and various spinsters of the parish are concerned!

I was interested to see that others have had the same idea, but being a fine upstanding Scrobs, with no need to listen to other versions, here is the best one - the original!

Sorry about the ad at the beginning - they're just blasted irritating aren't they!


A K Haart said...

The last time I went to Bangor my motorbike broke down. Mind you that was fifty years ago so the annoyance has faded a little.

goosegirl said...

That's what I call a real good feel song if you know what I mean! ;) The ad didn't bother me because when I followed the link I got no sound, so giggled it, played it, went back on here, and the YouTube pic had changed to Simon Cowell which bothered me more! I'd love to hear your version. Here's mine …

"Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to the seaside
With our buckets and spades and the brass band played
And we all love a cornet or two tha' knows.
Mum got merry on gins and a sherry
And dad stripped off for a sunbathe.
He sat up for a cough and his towel fell off
And we laughed out loud.

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to the seaside.
All of us glowing and strap marks showing
but we didn't give ha'porth of pence tha' knows.
Sat on the pier while dad had a beer
before the Variety Showtime.
Right at the start he gave a big fart
And we laughed out loud.

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to the seaside.
Packets of chips putting weight on our hips
But we were too bladdered to care tha' knows.
Getting back to our flat we tripped over the cat
And dad fell down the coal hole.
When he got back he was covered in slack
And we laughed out loud.

Scrobs. said...

I hope you got home in a better state than some of the folk in the song, Mr H...

Scrobs. said...

That's fabulous and hilarious, Goosey!

I suppose I'll eventually listen to the alternative versions, but yours is perfect for the best laugh!

Thank you for publishing it here!

Thud said...

Very cheering.

goosegirl said...

My pleasure tha' knows! I just made it up on the spur of the moment after reading your post and when the song became something of an earworm it fell into place. Should I try a naughty version? You'll have to start me off though!

Scrobs. said...

Her fragrancy, The Senora O'Blene always sings the line 'And on the way back, I fiddled with Jack...', so take it from there Goosey..;0)