Monday, 5 June 2017

London Bridge...

My little girl travels to London Bridge every day, and I'll be thinking of her all the time.

Thank you for nothing Blair. You let all these bastards fester among true Brits with your smarmy welcome and handouts and ignorance of the future of our beloved country.

Thankfully, Corbyn won't be allowed to do any more of the damage after Thursday, and with Brexit firing on all cylinders, we'll get some revenge against more Blair/Brown failures as well.

And you can fuck off too Campbell, you toxic poisonous little shit.


rvi said...

Couldn't agree more - but never forget it was the traitorous Scotch mafia and crooked lawyers who did all the original damage. If those 2 women currently in charge had any guts they would send every last one of the sub-continent incomers since 1997 to Glasgow and then build a Trump type 30 ft high border wall to make sure they stayed there.

Thud said...

You are a true man after my own heart.

A K Haart said...

Corbyn is pretty toxic too. There is something iffy about a guy who sucks up to political thugs and murderers. In one respect he is like Campbell - only a fool would trust him.

Scrobs. said...

It'd make flying North more interesting, Reevers.

My ties with that particular country stopped in 1984, when I just couldn't stand being cheated, and being expected to cheat others.

Scrobs. said...

Thank you Thud.

Nearing seventy, I have all the attributes of a silly old bloke, and the heart of a wombat..;0)

Scrobs. said...

Corbyn is the worst choice anyone could make for any position above Parish Council Clerk, Mr H.

He's a disaster, and you have to admire the stupidity of voters who actually think he's the man to lead a whole bloody country!

The nutters he has behind him are just as bad, and it beggars belief that thickos still want his politics, which are dangerous as well as completely worthless!