Saturday 10 May 2014

Incredible bass player...

I was tipped off about this lady's talent recently, and to find that she is only nineteen years old on this super track with Jeff Beck, is just amazing!

She shows such skill and maturity on such a potentially difficult instrument - and heavy for that matter, that I wonder what the next years will do for her - lots hopefully!


Trubes said...

Good place to rest ones boobies !

Scrobs... said...

You're the second person to mention that, Trubes!

Where else could she put them then..;0)


Anonymous said...

Wow! She'll probably end up pregnant and supporting a lesser talent in her lover before ditching him.

Said pips

Scrobs. said...

Hiyaaaah, Pips!

That clip is several years old, although Jeff Beck is dressed like a teenager...

Hopefully, what you say didn't happen!

Hope all is well with you!


Anonymous said...

Missing y'all, your opinions, wit and great taste. Finally sorted access to my blog out :-)


rvi said...

I have tried desperately for the past several days to be impressed by/with her - and failed miserably. Sorry! Must be getting old.

Scrobs. said...

I always wanted to write a piece based on a six-string bass guitar, Reevers, and have failed miserably!

When you recall the plodding bonk-bonk of bass parts in the sixties, especially with the Stones, or The Shadows, it's great to see such light fingering and sub-rhythm from this young lady!

Kate Bush's ex is superb, especially on a fretless bass!