Sunday, 9 February 2014

Countryfile blagged by BBC...

Great prog this evening, by Ellie and the rest, but sadly the bit about the Environment Agency's failings was diverted to make them seem like they understand the best option.

No doubt the big fat beached whale Milord Smith will be smugly satisfied.

Meanwhile, our dear countryside is demolished by the last labour governments' political inadequacies in making the UK a great place to live in.


rvi said...

The most noticeable thing about all this waffle on the telly and in the papers is that NOBODY has yet mentioned (that I have seen anyway) this was that this was all part of the plan to turn the Levels into a permanent swamp. All set out in an EU "Directive" from about 10years ago. Dredging was expressly forbidden and new wetlands were to be created. The idiots at the EA spent millions on developing bird sanctuaries - and sod the farmers.

We are now seeing the results of this stupidity - wholly endorsed of course by the previous administration and gold plated by the civil service.

When is our dearly beloved Prime Minister going to grow a set and tell the the EU to bugger off and mind their own business and instruct the civil servants to stop bending over backwards for Brussels. Other countries totally ignore much of the excrement that emerges from the Berlaymont building, so why don't the Brits do likewise?

I understand a similar Directive was ordered for the Norfolk Broads, but the good folk up there did tell the EA and EU where to go and ignored these "instructions" - which is why there is no flooding in that part of the world as proper maintenance of the rivers and channels has been maintained to high standards. Wellies are going to be needed for the foreseeable until the water has a chance and the time to drain properly.

PS: I have a very interesting tale to tell if you will allow me the use of your bandwidth and some point in the next few days (completely unconnected with floods)

A K Haart said...

Some years ago there was a suggestion that the flood defence remit should be taken away from the Environment Agency.

The reason is obvious enough because there will always be some conflict between environmentalists on the one hand and civil engineers plus land drainage experts on the other.

The Agency CEO at the time, Barbara Young is said to have responded "over my dead body" so that was that.

Scrobs. said...

Very true, Reevers! The Broads people told the 'powers that be' to piss off and play somewhere else, and they're a marvellous example on land/water control.

Look at Holland, as Raedwald says - much better than me! They'd tell anyone that if even so much as an ordinary Tesco newt gets in their pumps, it'll mean disaster for all their people.

Fatso Smith is a disaster i/c the E.A., but what do you expect from a failed politician scraping all those pensions together while his blokes get the flack.

He's the biggest coward in all this, but then we all know that Labour like this sort of person, they smell right for the job.

Scrobs. said...

Sorry tale that, Mr Haart.

These awful quangocrats are a bane to our society. I've only met a few of them, but the taste is just nasty after having to listen to such posturing.

I wish there was some sort of pestilence that we could visit on them when they are shown to be so bad for their brother - and sister, folk.

Maybe a secret army of thugs from a nondescript district in middle Europe may do the job for a few notes and a free house in Barnsley.

Scrobs. said...

Just for the record, Michael = Scrobs, which is no coincidence, as it is my name...

Well, a shortened version is!

But then you all knew that didn't you!


lilith said...

He really is an utter specimen, that toad featured Smith. It was notable that nobody got near him with some piano wire as he passed beneath lamp posts on his recent visit to the Levels.

rvi said...

Dear Michael,

Yes, we certainly did all know that that was your name as you ave mentioned the fact a few times already. But your secret is safe with us and you will have noticed that not one of your 3 (or is is it 4 now?) readers has dared to ask if your surname was Hunt...... Just teasing...

PS: You did not respond to my PS in the first entry here.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Lils, he's just another example of a failed pompous prick, making a pig's ear of any parliamentry 'job' he's given, then getting kicked up to become an even further nuisance in a bloated organisation like the E.A.

I suppose there are loads more to follow, like that little weasel Andy Burnham, who'll probably finish up running the NHS, because he once did school trainibg in a hospital for a day, so is so well experienced.

This is the way we'll see it, and there'll be loads of Tories at it as well, as soon as they're lobbed out in disgrace.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Sorry Reevers, I forgot to answer your P.S.!

Of course you can use these columns, as long as I don't get arrested or something!

If you'd like to email me you know the address which is scroblene (at, as in at) Or if you're shy, then just make it a post here, I'll read it, copy it, then delete the post and present it with your moniker on it as new!

Any way is no problem dear boy!

rvi said...
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rvi said...
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rvi said...

PS: Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this experience with others. May be one of your white witch friends will be able to throw some light on what happened.

{This bit got chopped off my copy and paste effort and should have been the final paragraph above}.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Delighted, Reevers!

What an amazing story!

I've saved it into another file, and will set it up now as another post, with a title referring to your goodself!

rvi said...