Monday, 5 November 2012

For Pips, who's having a pretty crap time...

I'm so new to Florence and The Machine, that I've got a lot of catching up to do.

But what a singer, what a Lady too!

Marvellous productions, and with real musicians on stream too!

This is for you, Pips, and I hope all begins to shape out better for you very soon!

Special song for Pips!


Blue Eyes said...

Sending positive thoughts Pips' way too.

Anonymous said...

Huge thanks, Scrobs. I confess I filled up a bit and smiled warmly at such a lovely gesture :-)) And thanks for your good wishes too, Blue. Much appreciated.

What a mighty song! Love that band.

Will get down to the library soon and write a post, said Pip.


Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Nice one Blues - any reason w we can't get on your site at the moment?

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

It's not a lot really, Pips, but if you're taking each day as it comes, there could be worse ways to get back to the straight and narrow!

Take care eh?

And best wishes!