Friday, 10 August 2007


As 'anyone who is anyone' knows, I'm grounded and can't drive at the moment.

So just when I thought it was safe, we checked the date of Mrs S's MOT on her Ferrari GT Monaco Continental Super Doris.

Bugger, it's due on Monday, so we scoop off to the garage to get the sodding documents done. All a pain in the arse, as we missed the post prandial 13% infusion - but there you are, Ferraris don't last for ever!

After leaving it with 'Mick', we offed to do some post prandial shopping, and bought sod all. Back to Garage, they said the MOT had failed because the plingerment-grounding-on-the-gudgeon-lunge-flange had gone green, so we needed to get another one - sodding quick like!

Now Ferraris don't have 'B and Q' on their spares list, and three-hundred odd calls on the mobile couldn't trace the bleeder at all. We were all in a humph on the way home. I stared out of the window and felt guilty about upsetting Mrs S; after all I am Vice-President - Vehicles; She is President - Lady of the Manor and superb at it.

Got home and all went quiet. I sat on the phone and worried like hell as you do. Nobody there to help!

And, an inner voice shrieked 'BOLLOCKS'! Do it yourself you stupid arse!

So with Black and Decker's favourite screwdriver in hand, your correspondent took the whole bloody lot apart, found the offending part, and got the toy drill-set in the shed going, found the old ring spanners, shouted to the sun, laughed at the £1,000,000.00 bill facing us if I failed, cleaned it all up and turned on...

Mrs S sat in the driver's seat, and on turning the computer key (they are on Fiat Punto 65s-Ferraris...), the whole bloody lot came on as it should!

Well you could have knocked medown with a glass of red! I'd had every bloody garage telling me it was serious dosh and more notes just to get an order in, and that was money I've kept that for Mrs S's new hat.

Sometimes I listen to the vibes my Dad and Mum send in these circumstances - they'd have done that.


lilith said...

you are a real alpha male Scrobs x

Electro-Kevin said...

Well done Scrobs.

I fitted a whole new toilet suite once, Lilith. Am I an alpha male ?

(will post on this story when I get back as it's too good to give to Scrobs !)

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...


You're very kind!

Also, if I am described as such, is Kevin a beta male, because he has a toilet joke, and isn't sharing it with us in the first instance?

He says he's going to do a post on lavatories when he gets back, which is leaving me with a peculiar feeling of intrigue.

Old BE said...

Excellent work!

I am able to change lightbulbs and strip wallpaper - does that make me an alpha male??

Old BE said...

EK that wasn't the Saniflow suite was it?

lilith said...

E-K, you are probably an alpha alpha male.

Scrobs, you have an inner alpha female, which makes you an uberdude.

Ed, you are too young yet, but keep working on it ;-)

Modo said...

I think Lilith is trying to engineer a competitive rivalry amongst all us manly types... mark my words eventually we will be asked to put our money where our mouths are and publish photographs of our prized John Thomases... and all for the amusement of this sinful puppet master!

Scrobs... I know you've already downloaded photoshop, but believe me you will feel used afterwards.

Tuscan Tony said...

Dos your Ferrari share anything from the Fiat parts bin with the still-very-noble but marginally less powerful stablemate, the Punto, then?

lilith said...

Lucien, you will always be my first blog crush and as such will forever have a special corner of my blogging heart (unless you publish a pic of your manhood, that is).

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...


The Ferrari Punto is a figment of my imagination! (bet you didn't know that)!

I like Nick Ferrari, because he says it as it is - but as you can't get LBC in Tuscany; well, sorry old chap, but you do have a smashing place to live and enjoy other things like towns where you can have lunch for three quid...

Lilith, I'm not at all sure what that means; Mrs S will have to explain it to me when the second bottle arrives, and I can ask her properly...! I can't say that she will be rich until I'm 65! Does this mean anything?

Lucien, I'm sure we can come to a compromise...! Photoshop was my downfall, (ballsed up computer and editor), and I need to get back to my scanner asap, to remind me of the days when Truprint adverts said 'Woof', and the green envelope was free!

All this is leaving me with a funny head, and I wonder if I'm going mad...Lilith, tell me I'm OK...

lilith said...

Scroblene, calm down, its all ok. I was thinking of our mutual acquaintance from Scotton Pinkney. You are cool, ok? Lucien is stirring as is his wont.

Mike Armitage said...

Bunts...Bunts; is that you?

Good heavens Girl, you've turned up trumps again!

We will be getting back to the Estate as soon as William's little problem has been sorted out!