Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ruynd Britain Quiz...

What do the following have in common: -

1. A teleprompter in a big church close to a place full of cheats and charlatans.
2. The first page of a chapter somewhere near the middle of ‘Puckoon’, by Spike Milligan.
3. This song
4. A recent walk in the forest in the frost.
5. July 19th 1948.
6. Pesakh.

This is devilishly difficult, and if anyone gets the three easy ones, then they'll probably guess that there's an association with the others.

One word will suffice, but the most improbable answer will also receive points, and what do points mean...?


lilith said...


Trubes said...

Crikey Scrobes, this is more difficult than Idles 'Clerihews', (if that's how it's spelt).

How about...

Westminster Abbey
Passover...Pesakh or Pesack
Woody Woodpecker song...hmm..19/07/48

Where to draw the line.. re Puckoon

Hmmm.. my answer is John... John ? re walk in the woods!

Not sure but, could be John as Lils has already said!


Word veri. Sentests

Modo said...

They are the rambling of a gentleman in his dotage, that needs to take more water with it.

Scrobs... said...

Reading the clues again, Lils, it could be 'John', but it isn't!

Try again?

Scrobs... said...

Trubes, it is a prequel to a post I was going to do, and as Iders, Tuscs and Co had been doing quizzes, it seemed only right and proper that I tried one.

Abbey - correct, but why?
Pesakh - yes, but why?
Woody - um; No!
If you have a copy of Puckoon, it's the description of a young lad singing... CLUE...'cold'...)!
Sorry to say it's not John either.

Scrobs... said...

Modo, it is impossible to make tea without adding water!

Munching Teabags is possibly the worst thing I can think of at this precise moment...

Scrobs... said...

Actually, John could be part of the clue, but why, and what were the words...

lilith said...

I am sorry Scrobs! I get stuck on thinking about Elton John and Princess Di, and then I feel sick and can't think any!

Scrobs... said...

Lils, of course I'll help you...

Title of famous song? (word from)...
What would I get on my first birthday?
What defines, among the myriad of gestures and hymns etc (in C of E churches anyway), the Easter Day Paschal?
What happens in very cold weather...

Lils, it's only because I always roll over when you visit, that I'm giving you all these clues!


Trubes said...

Jack Frost Candle ?
If not, more clues Scrobs please.


Trubes said...

Pesakh ... Vernal Equinox...

July 19th 1948...Scrob's Birthdate?

Elton John sang Candle in the wind at Princess Di's funeral in Westminster Abbey.

Question..Which town where you born in ?


Scrobs... said...

Trubidoobedoos, you are so close I can hear your legs...

I was a one yrar old on 19th July 1948.

What would have appeared on my cake then...?

Technically, you've won, but there needs to be much more pain efore the result is announced!

I was born in Hastings, but I don't live there now.

And the Puckoon elements havene't been answered yet either!

And can you see why a walk in the forest when it's cold has any relationship with the other clues?

(You're younger than me, so you may struggle here...)!

Pesakh has a special icon.

Forget the 'song' for now, because that is the odd one out!

Lils, now, come on!

You know me! What makes me laugh...?

God, I love this feeling of POWER...

Scrobs... said...

I can't believe I made so many typos in the last post, so will apologise to Trubes and Lils here and now...

Oh; bugger; well; England did give Wales a trouncing didn't they...

Scrobs' demeanour is - er - mellow...

Trubes said...

One candle, for a one year old, on Birthday cake, covered in frosted icing......

'A recent walk in the forest in the frost'....= icicles bear a similarity to candles?

The word frost is hidden in the word forest?

Pesakh Hmmm, not sure .

Legs? whose legs?
Yours. Mine. ??
(quote from Puckhoon).

A walk in the Forest. J.S.Bach?

That's it Scrobs, I must away now and prepare Sunday roast.

Must be about legs as i knowyou are rather fond of them.

BTW. I was born in 1946 on February the 19th.



lilith said...

I can't do it. Now I shall sulk. Trubes, you share your birthday with my Mama but naturally you are much much younger:-)

Philipa said...

Pesakh - I checked and confirmed my thought of blood and unleavened bread, ie. the bread and the wine (consumed at the eucharist, which I do). Pesakh is the passover - the blood of a spring lamb is put over the door and thus that house is 'passed over' and only unleavened bread is consumed during passover. That and I get 'candle'. Never read 'Puckoon'

Scrobs... said...

There comes a time in life when one's misery has to be put out of...

Er ... when one puts one's misery out...

Er... One puts one out of their misery, and as there's no chance that any of the unsolved clues will be solved; except, by taking the correct answers, and assuming the result on the other three, there is one clue which Trubes found, and the next post will reveal all!


Trubes said...

Easter hymn that I sang, when in the local Church Choir.
Also had the great honour of singing it in Liverpool Cathedral too!

Jesus Christ is risen today,
Our triumphant holy day,
Who did once upon the cross,
Suffered to redeem our loss,

Is the Pesakh icon The Cross? Pesakh is a Jewish festival symbolising The Passover, although, the Jewish icon is,
The Star of David, which, I suppose is a cross?

Recent pop song Allelulia?

That's it now Scrobs, I'm finshed,
off to the coffee machine for an espresso or three!

I await the next sequel with trepidation!!

Pip Pip!

Mme. Trubes Pierot!


Philipa said...

What? What?

Scrobs... said...

Ha ha Pips - just got that!

(Sorry I can't get into your Salinger post, I'm about the only bloke here who hasn't read it...).

Trubes has won, and I'll be doing a post as soon as I can get on the other pc!

Scrobs... said...

Trubes, prepare for the unveiling...

Philipa said...

Try here and there's a new one about evolution (we are the product of a virus) here.

I'd appreciate a comment, Scrobs as the thread is being hijacked by folk wanting to blurb about 911. Which is ok but it would be good if the discussion evolved.