Saturday, 18 July 2015

Birthday musings...

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I will be sixty-eight!

It's a funny decade, the sixties; you really wonder at some stages how you got this far, and if you'd carried on smoking, might you still be here? Possibly not after a dreadful pipe-smoking habit!

Is an active retirement going well (yes), but if we'd moved to a smaller place, would we still have the same interests without a garden and an allotment which demand constant attention? Definitely no!

Is smugness setting in? Not really, but then maybe we've been lucky - I definitely have!

Do I miss getting out on the circuit to meet business chums? Only after considering the first bottle, from then on, it became a bit of a lottery on what was achieved...

I suppose most posters here are younger, so will have all these questions to face themselves, but I think even getting to sixty-eight is some sort of achievement, so thank you, someone...

Friday, 10 July 2015

Tunisia yarn...

Well, there we was, 'aving a great toime wiv some mates, an' then some bloke from the Embassy said we should pack our bags an' go 'ome!


We've only juss' go'  ere' and nobody told us that vere wos a problem!

Whoy weren't we towld...!

Oi mean, know what oi mean, whaaa......

Sunday, 5 July 2015

R.I.P. Chris Squire...

What a great bass player, and only 67 - my age...

Yes pushed so many boundaries, and his method of chunking great waves of large bass notes - even trills - into the other bits they all made up, was/is a revelation for proper prog-rock.

What a shame to pop off so young, and I'll listen to all his stuff again now, for just a great memory of a fabulous musician.

Going for the one 

Still an absolute favourite song.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Monumental decision...

Scrobs, after much soul-searching for at least seven seconds, has decided not to go to Syria, because Russell Brand says he would go there if he could fly first class!

What an arsehole!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


When Scrobs was a lad, a favourite uncle and also dad of course, would occasionally dip his hand into his trouser pocket, and extract a huge handful of half-crowns, florins, pennies, shillings, sixpences and even other coins like farthings, and say something like 'Would you like an icecream', or similar..!

Of course, an ever hungry Scrobs would say 'Yes please', and the necessary coins reduced the weight in the parental - or unceral pocket by several ounces!

Just considering the weight of the change they carried, I reckon that all those half-crowns, florins, shillings and old pennies must have weighed a couple of ponds, so what were trousers made for!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


While considering whether to get up early, or not, Scrobs went back to sleep to encounter a long dream about an old chum and all sorts of recall became apparent while asleep.

The guy had served with distinction in The Falklands as a Naval Commander, and every detail about him was part of the dream, which was one of those which you can remember in full when you wake up.

And when I did wake up, I thought immediately about the chap, and how it would be nice to email him or contact him in some way...

That was until a few seconds later, when I remembered that he'd died a couple of years ago.

Hmmm - not a good way to start the day...

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


As a nod - even a bow - maybe a genuflect, to my co-conspirator, Mr A.K Haart, I've just remembered that I managed to get a letter published in The Daily Telegraph, some many years ago.

As a normal sort of gentleman, I have to remember that there are days when there are considerations for the qualities of  'CB', or 'DB'!

'OK, Scrobs', you say, 'what on earth are you on about now you silly old sod'!

Well, here's the answer!

An old chum told me that when he was at a large boarding school, a master used to say to him, with regular enthusiasm - and to everyone else who bothered to listen - that today was 'Bit CB today', (Chum)', or he might say 'Bit DB today', (Chum)'!

One day, after several years of this, my Chum churningly asked him what he meant by 'DB' and 'CB'!.

"My dear chap', replied the (happily married) master! 'CB' equals 'crinkle balls', and 'DB' equals 'dangle balls'! It depends on the weather, and the temperature, dear boy"!

And the point of my reference to Mr Haart?

Well, I bought some underpants from Marks and Spencers some years ago, and during a 'natural session', when such labels are arrayed, I noticed, over several days, that some of them were manufactured in Israel, and some were made in Egypt!

I thought this was the magnificent lead to world peace! Nope..., but at least I got a phone call from a gorgeous old lady chum, requesting details of which pair I was wearing that particular day...

Sometimes, pants are for World Peace!