Sunday, 26 June 2016

Headlines - mainly receding these days...

Hey, come on you lot!

There's been a definite UK Wide decision made only a few days ago, and we're going to get out of the EU, and now the mainstream 'meedja' are making hay on the sorry Labour lot, piddling about as usual having hissy fits and resigning, because tomorrow's debate may put them into some sort of lefty purdah. Diversion tactics fool nobody, especially an old scrote like Scrobs!

What's wrong about reporting how the British manufacturing companies can soon operate without the pillocks in Brussels telling them what to do at every turn?

My pension (small as it is - sadly as Gordon Brown pinched the upside to pay for town hall prats) is still safe, as will my state pension (the one I subscribed to for all those years), so I can live with that, although a holiday in Spain or Devon is beyond us now...

So where does all the hype go now? The BBC are leaving the Referendum debate on the back step  - funny that - and concentrating on things that don't really matter to me, as Labour's woes don't figure, but the New Exit does!

Trashy journalism going on these days. The Beeb are excruciatingly desperate for stories, and are failing us daily. The Mail is just twattage, and I now just read The Express to get some headlines which are comprehensible now as the posh rags are so dire, and uninteresting.

I usually Google their news these days, as at least they have some sort of coverage of news, but hey, what a muck-up!


rvi said...

Couldn't agree more Sir. Yesterday I got tired of Sky going round in circles every 20 minutes so I had a look at CNN. All I got was anti-British ranting from some ill-informed Australian about all the trouble Brexit might cause the "globalist" American banks. A few moments of light relief came when they showed in full the Don's interview at his Turnberry/Turnbury(?) golf club - something completely denied to UK viewers I believe. He was delighted that the Brits had stuck 2 fingers up to the Establishment and announced that the UK could now be "great again" on its own terms. Then I had a (very rare) quick peek at the BBC and all I got was Labour-supporting foreigners chuntering on mindlessly about the catastrophe about to engulf all the far eastern economies as a result of Brexit. Nobody mentioned that as at today not much had changed. They also forgot to mention that it was the greedy banks over-betting on Remain having to rapidly unwind their positions after the Sunderland result was announced. When they had driven the pound low enough, they started to re-buy which is why it rose again to not too far from where it had been five days earlier before the artificial ramp up started.

So I gave up, went and made myself a cuppa and and put a film on. They will forget all about Brexit now while the comedians try to do something about Jeremy, and Mrs Krankie smothers the airwaves with incessant vitriol.. Should be popcorn time methinks.

Michael said...

I reckon your post should just be put on mhere, instead of the bits I wrote, Reevers!

I think there's a 'term' for re-visiting one's original intentions after an event, and maybe feeling different. I can't remember what it's called, but retailers rely on it for their own commercial reasons, and here we have news vendors doing the exact thing, but negatively, so presumably they all want us to feel that we've done the wrong thing!


I want new entrepreneurs to flourish now! Who knows, we may be able to start making cars, trains and computers again, without people like Kinnock plonking around his vast wasteful old office. (By the way, apparently the EU accounts will be rubber stamped now, without any auditing of course. That was popped in on a day to bury bad news)!

Good day to watch the zoo today! I wonder what the expenses chits will have written on them?

A K Haart said...

I don't see the referendum making much long term difference apart from kicking the establishment up the backside and some welcome questioning of EU assumptions. Which is fun, but you can almost smell the hysteria, so who takes Brexit forward and how? How do Brexit laws get passed?

We needed a much more powerful UKIP in Parliament and it has become obvious that too many millions who voted for Brexit didn't vote for UKIP and didn't understand that we needed to oust EU stooges in Parliament before anything else.

rvi said...

Thanks Scrobs,
The word you seek, I suggest, is either "research" or "remorse".

Many years ago at some office-provided training event or other, the guy running it said I should have been a journalist rather than the profession I was then following. All I remember from that course was the argy-bargy we had over the correct meaning of the word "attrition". Over the years, I encountered many of his type, most of whom told me what I already knew long before. The only difference was I had it in my head while they had it all written down in loose leaf folders.


Yes indeed, your final line encapsulates it nicely. The removal vans should also be directed to drop by the Qangos and faux charities while they are at it. Haven't seen a really decent bonfire since I was about 10 years old..

Anonymous said...

We've had a Tory leadership candidate wanting a 2nd referendum, I've seen hysteria saying the banks are going to leave Britain, Scotland wants another referendum and Ireland will follow (and they can shut up) and those using Brexit to hate on immigrants represent all who voted out. Because anyone who voted out are nasty racists.

The fluffy bullies annoy me. Immigrants are the new fashionable cause. You can't say even a measured response or any kind of discussion because anything less than flag waving for the cause means you're a bad person. Kill the heretic!

I sometimes wonder if these people were born elsewhere they'd be throwing stones.

The media report what sells. They sell advertising. That's it really. Good reporting of the truth is more often a noble by-product but by no means guaranteed. Good reporting of the whole truth is as rare as long hot summers in the UK. But I remember 76. It does happen.

Said pip

rvi said...

This morning I'm confused.

Can anyone explain why that Canadian Goldbergsocks employee Carney stuck his head above the parapet yesterday and started talking the UK down again? What prompted this unwanted and totally unnecessary intervention on the scene? The (probably planned) effect was an immediate dip to both the pound and stock market.

Over the past week both the pound and the stock market have returned to just about (or even slightly above) where they were pre-referendum. So why the doom and gloom about what "MAY" (or may not)or "COULD" (or might not) happen to inflation and interest rates over the next few weeks? Surely it is better just to let things ride for a few weeks and see how it all develops - and if action is needed from the BoE then it can be taken at the time. A small rise in inflation would be good for the economy and as interest rates are currently around 0.5% they don't have too much farther to fall to make the slightest bit of difference. Sky's so-called "economics editor" called a 0.1% decrease as a "huge dip". Which planet does he come from? All Sky's charts and graphs are highly misleading in the tendentious scales they are presented. A one cent drop against the dollar is not a "HUGE FALL", more a minor adjustment in the scheme of things.

My own conclusion is that Goldberg and others like them have put the word out that they have still not yet quite recovered all their losses from their lost gamble on the referendum result and need a cheap pound to top off the petty cash box.

Anyone got any other suggestions? Maybe we should do a spot of crowd-funding to buy Carney a one-way ticket back to Vancouver.

Rant over :-)

Electro-Kevin said...

What I love to hear is "Right. The racists have won. I'm off. I'm emigrating"

And to where do these lefties emigrate ? Africa ? India ?


Usually some monocultural state with a proper immigration system. Or if not one that is a lot less multi-culti than our own.

rvi said...

Michael, are you 1990 elsewhere perchance?

Michael said...

Thanks all for these comments...

As I hardly watch anything on TV these days, except the weather sometimes, if I need a day to dig the spuds, I'm losing touch with what actually is happening out there!

I may try and get on Dotton's Virtual Juke Box on Radio 5 one night, as I think there's a disk he may like, but other than that - nope, can't be arsed...

I'm so glad I voted Brexit though, as at least my grandchildren will have more than half a chance of being part of their own country.

Sorry, Reevers, I'm not 1990 - where does she or he come from?

Elecs, lefties 'emigrate' to local councils oop north, or the Beeb/Grauniad down here!

rvi said...

He appears with the odd Scrobs-like pithy comment on Going (which if you do not read it then you should because you don't know what you are missing).