Wednesday, 22 June 2016

EU Referendum - a result for common sense...

As Scrobs prepares for a night of tinctures, texts, titillation and tiresome 'remain' politicians, here is a preview of the result which will be published on Friday!

I thought you'd all like to know this!


Electro-Kevin said...

50% of the people hate the EU and are voting Out

40% if the people hate the EU and are voting In

9% of the people like the EU and are voting In

1% of the people LOVE the EU and are telling everyone else to vote In

I'd say this approximates with my own experience.

I think a narrow victory for Remain tomorrow. Enough to cause rancour over the issues of extending the registration deadline and over the PM and Chancellor's breach of the purdah laws.

Michael said...

"rancour over the issues of extending the registration deadline and over the PM and Chancellor's breach of the purdah laws."

Much, much more than that, Elecs.

Total upheaval if they get a remain vote - which isn't on the cards from my position, so no need to concern yourself.

Nope, break open the big strong cans on Friday, we'll be away from all that rot!

And make sure it's British beer too!

rvi said...

I do hope those honest Austrian gentlemen arrived safely to "help" with the counting.

As I predicted a few days ago the Remainians will win by 124 votes - and then let the mayhem start. I have posted my spare pitchfork to folk who live near Scroblington towers...

A K Haart said...

Mickey Mouse only 23 votes? Surely all MPs will vote.

Michael said...

Ha ha ha, Reevers!

That's the sort of number which will send the Beeb into freefall!

Please don't let them fail so easily!

Michael said...

I was being sexist, Mr H!

Minnie would be the best guardian of our finances, if she knew exactly what they were, which nobody here does...

Mrs Scroblene does, and that's why I'm sitting here, riding this bike, and thinking of England!

Michael said...

I think I may well shut my eyes for an hour, wake up, and watch the BBC squirming away...

Depends on whether Mrs Scroblene requires a discussion on whatever!

rvi said...

Zippa de doo da , zippa de YAAAYYY !!!!! etc . You all know the words, so sing along.

rvi said...

Re the Remainers whingeing about the result.

I hereby register in the strongest possible terms my disgust that that Swiss footballer missed his penalty. In my view that was the wrong result and I DEMAND that the penalty shoot out is held again (until the Swiss side wins). Don't forget that is the usual way the confounded EU works. Just ask the French and the Irish if you don't believe me!

You think I'm joking???)..

Michael said...

Ha ha ha! I'd only remembered the Irish re-run today!

It's crazy really. How can Tory MPs vote for a new leader who wants to get out, when most of them wanted to stay in!

They may well do what Labour did with Corbyn, and put a nonentity up just to spite everyone who disagreed with them.

I detect a distinct MSM attempt to make people who voted out, uncomfortable. The BBC are at it, as are papers like the Mail and the Torygrout. I don't ever read the dead tree versions anyway, but without seasoned bloggers making sense of the result, and looking forward, I'd be wondering which century I'm in! There's a silly petition for those who didn't realise what they were doing, wanting all sorts of things on a completely false pretext!

rvi said...

I agree Scrobs.

Time for the local Tory clubs and institutions all over the country to "take back control" from central office in London and start waving their pitchforks around to make clear that we will not be cheated again. A gentle reminder to sitting MPs might suffice to remind them of their electoral vulnerability if they try to play fast and loose with the voters any more.

There are moves afoot to sideline Nigel and go for some sort of associated EU membership instead. What is it about the word "OUT" that they do not understand?

Electro-Kevin said...

Michael - It seems to me that the breakdown of voting patterns was a concoction of the Remain side.

For the life of me I can't see why we need to know that Exeter voted Remain. Worst is Scotland (of which I calculate that 55% did NOT vote to Remain) being turned into a national crisis. They elected to remain British and they voted to Leave the EU British.

It is completely underhanded of them to demand a breakaway referendum but so be it.

In fact worse than that is the breakdown of stats along age profile - setting young against old.


The registration date was extended by two days for those who couldn't be bothered to get out of bed.

If they wanted Remain then more of them should have voted. But the truth is that we shouldn't know these breakdown details. It is divisive and only serves the Remain camp to resist the newly orientated country.

And just WHAT is the point of a post referendum poll asking people if they regret their decision ? Of course they do. Even I'm anxious about it but then I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

We must be allowed to get behind this thing and push on to make it work.

Had it been a close Remain win you can guarantee that there would have been no call for a second referendum. It would have been two fingers and 'fuuuck off' all day long from Bog Geldof.

I see youth rioting ahead. Incited by the BBC and Remainers pointing out the demographic split.

Either way - what a wonderful force for unity the EU has turned out to be. Not only does the EU have our country split down the middle - it has individuals split down their middles "My heart says out. My mind says in." was a popular refrain in my circles.

The danger now is indiciveness and innertia from the Remain establishment.

This is anti-democracy at work for you. How New Labour. How EU !

Anonymous said...

I've left fb for a bit. I was threatened with being defriended as they ridiculed and slagged off those who voted out. So that would be me then. I should consider their feelings. But no-one considers mine.

This society is shit. This country is going to the dogs. But how can I say it was better before? Less violent before? Because I was there. I just get sick of the hate. Tired of blame and spin and 'politics'. It's done now. Done. We should move forward.

So I came to Scrobs for the balm of reason and calm good sense,
Said Pip x

Anonymous said...

Oh and Kev (*waves*) the Scots had their referendum so tough.

Said Pip

Michael said...

Reevers, it seems that today's events have taken over, and the labour crowd are in total melt-down and turmoil now.

Of course, the BBC are saying things like 'It's natural etc etc etc', but if I was a labour hanger-on, !'d be very worried now!

If I was a green supporter, I'd be even more worried, as all the twonks who would leave labour would be outside my door on Monday Morning!

Michael said...

Elecs, you could have made this your own blog post, but thank you for choosing a grey-haired old twit to get your message across, and you've done that pretty damn well if I may say so!

What should I say?

Probably very little, as I think your points are - as usual - pretty decisive!

I hope all is well with you and Mrs Elecs and the boys. I miss your posts, and hope you'll be able to get back with all the twits like me some day - especially with your music.

I can't pick up my home-grown bass guitar without thinking of you, you old binder!


Michael said...

Pips, Dear Pips!

You're always welcome here, and I'm sorry you have so much of a burden on your little shoulders too!

You know where to come for some chumly, huggingly stuff; I'm staying on, now I've re-established the old blog on the terms that we all (sometimes, because I'm an old idiot don't forget - blimey, I'm 69 next month, so time's running out...) have to realise, for better or worse!

I was thinking of you only the other day, when there was a TV crowd in Dudley, and I was wondering if you're still there, or on a yacht somewhere off Nice...

I bet on Nice, but I hope all is well with you and the brood - you may well have a smashing teenager on your hands, doing his own thing now!

Good stuff, and wish him well from an old git like me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scrobs, he's 6'4" now, I can't believe it myself.

Said Pip.