Friday, 13 May 2016

Scary, unpleasant person from IMF...

Blimey, they're rolling all the old harridans out now aren't they! How ever many more are there to struggle on TV to make some sort of case, cobbled together by quangos!

The BBC as usual, has no more mention of the disgraceful fiddling of immigration figures, and their lead tonight was all about a bloke who took his six- year old kid to Disneyworld during term time! It's hardly world-shattering is it, but while the old fiddlers at the various plonky remain camps still fret into their lattes and try to deceive the populace, the real answers have already been made by people who just never trust politicians and their quangos.

Scrobs is one of those, and funnily enough, as pollsters never get it right, and according to my spreadsheet, the BREXIT camp will win by at least five points, probably more.

And all that 'stay' money wasted by Cameron and his cronies will be recouped in a week when we get rid of that awful shower - legacy of Grocer Heath.


Thud said...

I'm not meeting many brexit people here between farmers here and all the commies that infest Merseyside so I still think its up for grabs.

lilith said...

Only Remainders I meet down here in Somerset are either young people either with or wanting an EU funded job or global corporate employees.

lilith said...

My Mum thought we should stay in until I pointed out she was getting all her info from the BBC and the Times.

rvi said...

Isn't the beloved Mme Lagarde still on a criminal charge of some sort from her home country? It might be difficult to run the IMF from inside the Bastille!

It is well known that the IMF is always headed by a French person and its stable mate the World Bank by an American. A jobs for the boys stitch-up dating back many years.

Over a long and varied career I have met and had dealings with representatives of both organisations at fairly senior level (along with the OECD and the LSE!), all of them have a socialist agenda and write reports, prescribe usually unsuitable remedies etc from that standpoint. In all my years I never once heard or saw the IMF deviate from its agenda of "austerity". Any country asking them for advice or a loan/bailout, always had to endure extremely strict measures which invariably made matters far worse for the country concerned, plus they were rarely, if ever, able to repay money. The IMF should be wound up and chucked in the bin.

Nobody on the airwaves seems to mention that Canadian Carney is a big cheese in the Goldbergsox operation - and it was they who inveigled/forced Gordon Brown to sell much of our gold at the bottom of the market (rumour has it that it was done to bail them out of the desperate losing financial position they held); and look what happened when the "persuaded" Greece to jump right into the Euro mess. Was there ever such a misguided position forced on a country? They are of course on the Remain side - mustn't upset their little apple cart too much! John Major's intervention yesterday also somehow missed mention of the point that the Hedge Fund in which he is a major player has been hitting the skids recently.

Ir is encouraging that elsewhere it is reported that, despite Cameron's desperate efforts today, a huge majority of folk think that the problem of immigration is far more important than what might/might not happen to the economy - which can be recovered in time - unlike unlimited immigration from the sub-Continent which cannot really be easily reversed.

It won't really affect me up here in my ivory tower, but if my fellow Brits vote to commit suicide next month, they will only have themselves to blame.

PS: Thanks for your reply on the previous thread.

A K Haart said...

Yes, you only have to look at the ghastly crew supporting Remain to know instinctively that Leave is bound to be the best option.

Michael said...

There are several farms round here, with 'Out' posters, Thud. Possibly because they are screwed by the likes of Tesco, or that they're just fed up with idiots from Brussels telling them how to grow cows or corn.

As for the others in Merseyside, I thought all that went when Hatton went! It just goes to show that as I live in Kent, I forget a lot of what went on elsewhere!

Except 1975.

rvi said...

Hi guys and gals,

If you haven't managed to see it yet, Brexit the Movie link is below. Compelling viewing. Pass it on.

Michael said...

Lils, notice the BBC are keeping it all back these days!

Problems for them from several sides methinks.

Luckily for them, they have all sorts of stuff to parade at 6 0' clock now, but they'll worry come middle June I assure you!

Michael said...

That's a great post Reevers; Thank you!

More to come no doubt!

Michael said...

It is the best sign so far, Mr H!

I can understand Wetherspoons supporting Leave, immigration isn't part of their sales pitch!

Unknown said...

Hello dear Scrobs, just wanted to stop by xxx

Said Pip x

Michael said...

Awwwww... Pips my lovely!

Do so hope all is well with you these days!

Miss you!

M xxx