Saturday, 21 May 2016

Luvvies and politicians...

The Doily Moil has a story, well down online amongst the idiot yarns, about some luvvie called Tim Conte (wasn't he a boxer once?), moaning about being called the perfect name for an airhead whom nobody has heard of and cares little about!

I never bother with listening to any 'speech' from either a luvvie or a politician as the opposite is almost certainly true. This also applies to the BBC, and even during the brief moments that we watch the news, I often have a rage attack and need a tincture, especially at 6 o' clock...

Just because someone reads a few lines and expects an accolade is a poor reflection on life today. These persons really do need some help, and I suppose that's why they want to stay in the EU!

(Boris is the exception to all the above, as is Gove).


rvi said...

Been watching this propaganda every half hour on Sky, complete with lots of commentary from invited luvvy (UK and foreign) guests. The luvvies all claim they need the EU cash [to maintain their extravagant salaries and lifestyles] etc etc etc ad infinutum, but

two points:

1. If they made stuff that people wanted to visit or watch their productions would pay for themselves anyway;

2. How many times do they have to be told that all EU money is not theirs? The EU does not have its own money. Yet not one of the talking heads has mentioned that IT IS NOT EU MONEY - IT IS OUR MONEY and that if we stop paying 55 million A DAY to this corrupt organisation there might actually be more funds available to actually help the UK based luvvie club.

It is quite amazing that nobody on Sky or any other unmentionable "news" channel is able to see or mention this huge great big fat furry elephant in the room.

En passant, I saw something yesterday to the effect that the EU have "instructed" the UK to build more house to help accommodate the gimmegrants. Roll on 24 June when I hope Boris will tell the EU where precisely to shove their instructions.

Michael said...

Absolutely, Reevers!

I'd have thought that someone with a few brain cells could have stated that the money we waste on the EU could fund every one of our NHS requirements, as well as most of the other items that the UK holds dear, like schools and playing fields! We also could stop blasted foreigners coming her to breed and squirt kids in all directions, because it's free.

I have never understood why our national identity needs to be diluted, because of that nasty lefty, spitting word 'diversity'. We're diverse enough already; we don't need other nationalities getting in the way.

As for building more homes, that's another story, and as our village has to put up with yet another huge building site to accommodate the serial breeders, we feel let down by everyone from the parish council upwards.

rvi said...

Your final paragraph makes for very sad reading, but with luck things might change after June.

One other tiny elephant not mentioned in all this for the past few weeks is Brown's PFI debts of most if not all of the hospitals. It is not in the least surprising that many of the Trusts are showing deficits when they have to give half their grant away to foreign spivs before they even get round to ordering a few needles.

Those idiot strikers need to get their backsides in gear and instead of demanding extra pay they should demand that Cameron and Co cancel every PFI contract (and to hell with the bleatings for compensation) when again such action would free up several millions to enable an extra couple of quid an hour for the staff.

Rant over - time for cocoa and a bikkie...

Michael said...

Even more Staystas in the news today, and surprise surprise, not a mention about immigration, and even again, they're the sort of fat cats who carefully avoid the crap areas of the UK because of, surprise surprise, loadsamoney...

PFIs were well understood by the firms who spent five years getting them in place. Unfortunately the politicians and civil servants who thought they were getting a good deal were just not bright enough to understand what they were getting into and so the humble taxpayer has to pick up the tab.

A K Haart said...

Luvvies and politicians have their trotters in the trough and intend to keep them there.

Michael said...

Luvvies are here today, forgotten tomorrow Mr H, but politicians infest the populace at every turn.

Why I should think that the thoughts of a luvvie, usually an actor, should be anything interesting is beyond me, but perhaps some feeble-minded people think otherwise.

Politicians, for all they are worth (not) are not a segment of the environment that I ever want to know, least try and waste my time understanding. I've got far more important things to do!

Unknown said...

Yes, Boris is fab.

In other news, Scrobs I haven't been able to access my blog for ages. I think Ed still has admin privileges. Does he pop by? I'd like his help to reset the password if possible please?

Many thanks.

PS: miss you too x

Unknown said...

Soz, said Pips (above)

Michael said...

Pips, my Lovely, Ed hasn't been around for some time now. Can you start again on - say - Google and create a new site?

I've never been a techie and wouldn't know how to get back into anyone's site, and yours is one of them, I've never found out how!

Gwaaaaan, become Phillipa again, and start to live!

Good to see you on the posts now!