Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bloody word verification...

Has anybody got any ideas on how to change this so that chums can actually respond?

People like Blues on Wordpress might know the answer, but when I turned it off, I got all sorts of trashy spam!

Blogger have had my comments, as has some bloke in the US, who is more forthright than me, and seems to know his stuff...

If you two want me to turn it off, then of course, I will, and fart around with the spam as and when!


rvi said...

(This is my third attempt at posting this thanks to these idiot wv's.)

Mark Wadsworth reports the same problem with his blog and there is a afair amount of complaining going on elsewhere in the blogosphere, so I am not alone. However, please don't bugger your blog on my behalf. I shall simply repair to the appropriate outlet and buy a bigger magnifying glass! Simple..

However, I give you fair warning that if you follow Mark's lead and go to a sign-in scenario, you will lose 50% (allegedly) of your readership - permanently this time!

Google already know far too much about me already and I have noo intention of opening any accounts with them.

Philipa said...

No don't worry, Scrobs I can cope with the WV. There seems to be a fair amount of unrest about it so it will change in time. In the meantime I'm sure I can spend a moment typing two words in :-)

Blue Eyes said...

Actually the newest version is better than the last (IMHO) because although it's harder to read the bloomin' words at least it crashes less frequently!

Alas I think it's just a choice between On and Off.

[My name in lights!]

Philipa said...

Does Elias Sagtrouser surf the net and blog? Does he have problems with WV? Just wondrin..

Scrobs... said...

I've turned it off, and hang the consequences!

Thank you for your patience Reevers, and nice to hear from you too, Blues!

Pips, I'm working on another Sagtrouser Saga as we speak! This way, I can meet a different sort of person, and encourage my inner self to elucidate the subliminal discussions which always manifest themselves when I am escaping from the drudge of, and reintroducing the enjoyment of, my builder's fantasy and duopoly!