Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter compo...

Bill Quango has a sharp eye for something innovative, and as he picked up a typo in Iders' recent post, I thought a new Easter pastime could start right here.

Just take any politician's dribblings, and make it more apt and interesting by changing just one letter.

Here are a few to get started, and the winner will receive a signed colour photograph of the red faces at Saatchi and Saatchi for their utter stupidity in 'working up' a silly idea for the Gene Hunt parody poster.

Tax cuts – tax cats

Funding jobs – finding jobs

Labour’s spin – Labour’s spit

Politician’s perk - Politician’s pork

Drugs tsar – out of your face
(This one is not strictly correct - Ed)

You've got the picture now haven't you...?


rvi said...

Scrobs: I already beat you to this with a typo of mine in the comments to the post below when I mis-wrote "it's the right thing to go" (as announced by El Gordo on election night of course; all it needs is a comma before the final two words).

As for this post what about no more Boom and Bush?

lilith said...

I love "it's the right thing to go" RVI :-)

lilith said...

Er, two letter change but

"Fending off poverty" could be, in our welfare utopia, "funding of poverty..."

rvi said...

Hi Lilith and thank you very much! Ypots can be fun sometimes, although some - like typing 'now' for 'not' and vice versa can be potentially very dangerous if not picked up in time: I am now ready to... / I am not ready to...

As any Brit expat will tell you, the £ has tanked over the past two years by some 30+% which makes a great hole in the resources one thought one had! It therefore occurs to me that the blame for this should be placed squarely where it belongs on......>>>>

The Tank of England

or if you prefer

The Bane of England.

PS: Why is nobody else joining in the fun here? Too many Easter eggs maybe(from which, minimal interference yields Wasted Egos).

Scrobs... said...


You're up there already!

He really has to be dumped unceremoniously , a.s.a.p.!

Scrobs... said...

Lils, that's a goodun, and don't worry about the two letters, 'cos you're a chum!

Chums always win out round here!

Scrobs... said...

Reevers, because you've done two now, you are jusy creeping back into the lead!

Lils automatically gets the first place as a norm because she's very special, but we'll have to see how the whole issue pans out over the coming weeks...

Mind you, I agree about apportioning blame, that Bastard Brown totally raped my pension, so I'm going to screw his future as much as possible from now on.

And also that of the hideous Ed Balls and his ugly wife.

And also the Miliband prats, as well as Andy (work experience in a health union) Burnham.

And all the others on the administration gravy train.

Bill Quango MP said...

Good, tough , competition.

A future bair for all
Battlebus - Bottlebus
House of Comeons
Lobbying - Lollying

idle said...

These are mostly single mispronounciations rather than a strict one-letter change, but:

Charl(hic!) Kennedy
Ed Bawls [it is very much to be hoped]
Die, Ann Abbot
John Berk, Oh!
Nigel Garage
The Hon Trustfund Hunt [other variations possible here]
The B MP
James Perm Hell
Annunziata Wee Smog [for lil and elby]

Scrobs... said...

Bill! It's a tough call to follow your site, and 'The House of Comeons' is a classic!

If you and Lils can fight it out between you; Reevers and I will go down the pub for a sharpener, and come back when you've finished!

Scrobs... said...


"John Berk, Oh!"

Classic, and well worth a serious re-visit of the leader board...


Sorry, it's gonna be Lils isn't it, we;;, she's gorgeous isn't she, and just because you met them all for a swift cooling cider a few days ago, doesn't mean that you can get in under the wire!

There are rules you know!

ps - please don't go to Geneva, we need people like you here...

Shurely we can all work it out in a meaningful way...

Oh sod it, OK, whereabouts on Lake Leman can everyone live peacefully then?

rvi said...

Scrobs: Evian is nice, but gets invaded by golfers twice a year (and the water is very expensive!).

Montreux is OK but gets invaded by Germans with broken ankles in the ski-ing season.

So it has to be Vevey.

Hope that helps.

Talking of lakes, may I just add one late compo entry?

Gordon Drown

Scrobs... said...

Reevers, Gordon Drown elicited the hoot (at 5.30 am here) needed to claim the high position on the leader board!

And thanks for trying so hard to get here too, I dunno why Blogger does this to people like us..

Scrobs... said...

Oh, and Reevers, I have a favoured pic of the family partaking of several much needed comestibles after a long march through to Montreux!

Is it true that they really do sit up in the hills with binoculars to spot the road tax dodgers?

They didn't catch me though...

rvi said...

Hi Scrobs, hope you did not splutter your coffee all over your new keyboard! No need to reply to my note chez Lil.

Don't know about sitting in the hills for tax dodgers, but I would not put it past them. I was once stopped in the middle of a bright sunny afternoon because "vous n'avez pas allume les phares!". I expliqued to the fat country copper that as it was bright sunshine in midsummer they were not needed. I also suggested to him that he look across to traffic going the other way which he was ignoring, as well as other cars going happily by on our side, as not one car had its headlights on. He then informed me he was on duty on "this side of the road and could only deal with one car at a time". No pint in arguing against such genius. Cost me SF70.

rvi said...

point !!!!!! Aaarrgghh!!

lilith said...

I think "no pint in arguing" is better rvi!

Scrobs... said...

Lils leaves you no 'quarter' Reevers!

Ha ha ha; my little joke...

And yes, it's May 6th for bye byes to disgraceful gurning idiots like Gordon Drown!

Lils, I'm afraid I'll have to award the gold splonder to Reevers, because he's got me started on this new name for our failed PM!

But of course, you came a very close second didn't you dear...

rvi said...

Thanks Scrobs.

Lilith, would you like to share my prize (bag of salt and vinegar crisps)?

lilith said...

RVI, nah, you're alright, you have them. :-)