Tuesday, 20 October 2009

For Cranmer ...

I'm more than a little concerned to see that Cranmer is not up to the line as of late. It had to be Old Holborn who alerted the post from last Friday, and although I must confess, I don't read everyone's blog all the time, I do rather like Cranmer's style and well thought script.

So, among the many followers he has, I've just slid this under the mat on his comments list - now approaching 200; but it does mean something to me in this particular case.

Here's my post on his site.

Morning Your Grace!

Recently I Blogged this because I'd been sent one of those 'pass it on for Good Luck' emails, which I usually ignore.

But, feeling a bit low, and knowing who'd sent it to me, I found 20 or so names and sent it off - presumably to forget that I was going to receive some 'good luck', (because I need it too I can tell you)!

The 'Good Luck' came back in a most peculiar way.

It came in the form of several emails from old friends and contacts, who had recently lost their jobs, lost their homes, even their families etc, and it took me several days to realise that I had the 'good luck' already, while many people were losing or had lost what was due to them!

I don't really know if this helps, but judging by the number of concerned posters here, I reckon you're in credit for 'Good Luck' now, and can move on.

Just a thought.

And now, I'm glad I said that, because Mrs S and I can face anyone as a team, and I'd like to think that he's got that advantage too.


electro-kevin said...

It must be really hard to have worked so tirelessly and to lose it all through no fault of your own.

lilith said...

We had similar sad news of a very hard working relation who has to sell up, having created his idyll. Work dried up and all their incredible efforts cannot now be held onto, when they had thought it their last move. Starting over in their fifties. It is so sad. It does make me count my blessings.

The Lakelander said...

I have Cranmer on my blogroll and have been worried to read his most recent post - plus the lack of response to the (currently) 200 comments that have followed.

Let's just hope he's okay and will be back in the saddle before too long.

I'm tempted to put up a blog along the same lines as yours in the hope that enough comments will stir His Grace from his darkness.

Scrobs... said...

He's still not back Elecs, sounds like a pretty awful dog...

Scrobs... said...

That's sad news Lils!

A chum told me the other day that the term now is 'Fingernails?'

(As opposed to 'Toenails', because that's someone else of course...)

Scrobs... said...

Go for it Lakes, but I don't know if you can make a funny one out of this - or can you...

Philipa said...

I think your comment is thoughtful, profound and well-meaning, Scrobs. As ever.

I stopped reading Cranmer after seeing an abortion post some while back which I thought was crass and gratuitous.

It seems to me that this latest post of his is another long-winded but more flowery way of saying he's against abortion. Or is there another post you were referring to that neither you nor OH linked to?

I do agree that:

"When one makes a principled stand for truth and justice, one more than half hopes that the immutable virtues might prevail, that the light of truth might shine in the darkest recesses, and that justice might flow like a river.

But real life isn’t like that.

... When one confronts a liar and a bully, perhaps it is to be anticipated that they might lie and bully more in order to deceive and deflect, because one knows the identity of the Father of Lies, and he is an adversary of formidable capacities. The personal costs – emotional as well as material – may be understood intellectually, but they are scarcely comprehensible or even recognisable de profundis."

But I'm not an advocate of making abortion illegal.

Trubes said...

Hello Scrobs:
It seems that most people are in this sad position....B....y Socialists...don't you just loathe them!
Our funds are rapidly eroding, thanks to Gordon Brown and the rest of the cretins in Nulab.
We've worked a lifetime to pay for our later years and the B......D Brown has pilched nearly all of our savings.
Hope you and Mme Scrobs are ok..?
Love Di.xx

P.S.I'm sorry Cranmer seems to have hit hard times.Dx

Philipa said...

I must be missing something but in what way has Cranmer hit hard times?

Trubes said...

Oops typo...I meant to say filched!

Scrobs... said...

All I really wanted Pips, was that someone in need, had a shoulder to lean on.

I can do that any time by writing a letter, or better, popping an email in the box (at the moment, it's quicker...)!

I'm not sure he was referring to abortion, but as is often the case, I can be wrong.

I reckon he's describing a depression that hurts, and therefore he could do with a hand; we all do believe me!

Scrobs... said...


How's yer hols then? All sunburnt up to your armpits no doubt, and good for you too!

Agree with your sentiments about our spongers in Westminster, all ours has nearly gone, and I'm preparing to work until I'm nearly/past seventy. Have to, it's been stolen by that bastard Brown and people I really hate like Lils' subject. They really have wasted all I paid for in the eighties.

Apart from that; Mme Scrobs is in fine fettle, we had our 37th Wanniv yesterday, and celebrated in some style I can tell you!

I seem to have spent totday (in London), walking about three feet behind my head, which is not easy...

Nice to have you back, and I'm glad you're in the fray again, we need Gals like you! Regards to Mr Trubes too xxx

The Old Tarf said...

to see everything go down the sink would be very hard. It is very difficult to pick oneself up again and start over.

Scrobs... said...

Probably best never to actually hit the ground Tarfers, to quote a rugby analogy, if you fall on the ball, you're going to get hurt, but at least your're getting a kicking on your own terms!

If you see what I mean...

electro-kevin said...

Be nice if his grace would deign to visit and thank you for your dedication.

(Blog World has its share of egos, nay ?)

Philipa said...

I believe you, Scobs, i do i do i do. Hence my saying your comments were nice and supportive. I've always appreciated you valued support xxxxx

It was just my view that his post was on abortion and that he feels so strongly about the issue he was perhaps turning the PC off and doing something else for a bit. EK has said much the same thing - that sometimes world issues are a tad negative and tis sometimes best to think of something else for a while. JMO.