Friday, 9 June 2017

On feeling let down by politicians...

Not good for me, nearing seventy.

No recognition of the terrorist upsurge, no relief from taxes paid to foreign despots, no chance of getting away from Kinnock inspired Brussels.

Crap time really, and I need intensive gardening to lift my soul.

Maybe I'll fel better in a few days time, but until then, sod everything.


rvi said...

Cheer up pal - you are not the only one!

What is very worrying though is the astounding ignorance and naivite glaringly displayed by so called intelligent students who backed Corbyn and his mates in all the university towns in such numbers. Top of that heap are the universities in Canterbury - where my sprog was educated - and he cannot believe that his successors are so unspeakably ignorant and stupid (his words, and he tells me he voted UKIP). Some of their comments shown on Sky yesterday really beggar belief at their utter foolishness and solid unwavering certainty that they all knew everything already and that supporting an unreformed Communist, life-long terrorist supporting, freeloading agitator was just the thing to do. The future does not look Orange, it looks very bleak indeed if these idiots ever reach positions of real power without first growing up and learning a bit about real life. Many of them - including Corbyn - claim they won the election, even though they ended up with thousands fewer national votes and about 50 fewer seats than Theresa. Sums, as graphically illustrated by a would be Home Secretary, does not appear to be their strongest suit; nor, apparently, the way democracy works!

Maybe it is time again for a quick replay of the 1970s, with IRA mischief, transport strikes, 3-day weeks, no water or electricity for days on end, no rubbish collections, bodies piling up at the morgues etc, after which they may come to understand just how thick, misguided and uninformed they really are. It is abundantly clear that modern British history is way off the current teaching curriculum.

Before she gets kicked out Theresa could do us all a great service by totally revamping the university system starting with the dismissal of all the lefty loons masquerading as teachers and lecturers and by only allowing carefully and suitably qualified (by proper and not 11+ level exams) students studying sensible and necessary courses - eg maths, science and maybe foreign languages - to be covered by cash grants. Reverting many of these institutions from university to more appropriate polytechnic status might also help. Idiot courses such as media studies, knitting, golf course management, hairdressing and nail bar technicians should be completely disallowed as subects attracting any support at all. If morons wish to learn about these, they can pay the full costs themselves at privately run schools.

On the bright side, the DUP are rabid Brexiteers so one hopes that they will come through solidly as the Brexit process unfolds. If they don't, then Brexit goes out of the window and I suspect serious trouble will be unleashed by all those who will feel mightily betrayed by our feckless troughing political class. May should also now instruct and prioritise the Boundary Review Commission to complete their work and get the new boundaries in place before any further national elections. The abundance of mini-constituencies so beloved by Labour must be dealt with as soon as possible to ensure some sort of level playing field for the population's wishes to actually be carried out.

Better stock up on popcorn early! :-)

A K Haart said...

There is something wrong with the quality of our politicians. For some reason politics does not attract anywhere near enough decent intelligent people with the experience to make a constructive difference. Probably something to do with the dreadful nature of politics generally - decent people don't want to get involved. There is a problem with voters too and that may be down to education.

Thud said...

Some solace in the DUP driving the lefties crazy....I get my fun where I can and trolling the buggers on Facebook does the trick at the moment....chin up.