Thursday, 14 July 2016

Good day for Scrobs...

Although I'm not really a political animal with the skills of Raedwald or Guido, I do like to feel good when I think things may well get better when certain politicians hit the headlines.

I actually wanted Andrea Leadsom as a leader, and heard that on the Brexit night, she'd been coached to kingdom-come on what to say, but now she is in a damn good job, so then all's well with Scrobs!

Whether it is about 'kitten shoes', or whatever, with Mrs May, we have a chance now to kick the corrupt, weedy, whining, pathetic kinnockian-style tribe into touch, and really motor on.

I'm 69 next week. I never thought I'd have an ear to one or two people outside my village, but at least my knowledge of the real world can at least be laughed-at; agreed with, forgotten, and nobody really can do anything to stop that!

Also, the best news today is this!

The decision to scrap the separate Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) angered opposition MPs.

What a way to go!


Electro-Kevin said...

I doubt very much we'll be leaving.

Much foot dragging and soft pedalling. Mixed with focus on terrible economic news...

It's the Sir Humphries who are in charge.

rvi said...

But but but... the science is settled???

Good on Theresa. A good start, but lots more can be chopped if she really puts her mind to it eg at least 150 Qangos and faux charidees for starters! The cash wasted on them will help fund the (inter)national health service so beloved of our poor underpaid junior doctors. Surely, Shirley, we could all probably get through the day without the pearls of wisdom from the Potato Board (or whatever it is called).

Cheer up Kev. Have a quick pluck on your banjo. Everything is looking OK from where I am sitting - pound up, stock market back up. Goldbergsocks, Soros, JP Morgan, Citibank etc balance sheets down. What's not to like?

Ignore the Beeb and the rest of the MSM. Slowly slowly catchee..... plus I suspect that many of the new Ministers will give the Sir Humphries a kick up the whatsits if they start playing silly buggers. We have a new breed of Minister with this lot.

A K Haart said...

Does anyone really have a taste for radical these days? We'll see, but modern life is comfortable and doing nothing much but making a lot of noise about it seems to be the modern way.