Monday, 20 August 2012

Let's stick it to the banks...

While carrying out some unimportant strimming yesterday, and not thinking of very much, some recalcitrant weeds needed some extra clopping, and in doing so, I felt the need to apply some renewed hatred for the banks, to assist the said clopping, and provide the extra energy. 

So the proverbial fag-packet arrived with a stub of pencil, and I jotted down a few notes, which of course became forgotten until this morning, when I realised what I'd written...

Why on earth did the financial wizards*, Balls and Brown, give all that money to the banks? These are the gits who are denying real businesses the lifeblood of opportunism, while smugly wallowing in tax-payer's money. These are the gits who are bullying the individuals, while putting their flaccid arms around piles of cash to boost their share prices. These are the gits who are chucking great handouts to their failed bosses - again like the wizards*!

Why did the last awful government not just admit that, like the Dome fiasco, the Olympics were a way to filter money into the system, through the people who actually understand how to use it properly? Oh yeah, the banks may be 'sponsors', but everyone knows that every time you meet someone with RBS or HSBC on a badge at a function, they're just wasting everybody's time, because they will do bugger-all about helping UK Inc get out of the wizards'* mess.

(At this point, the fag-packet becomes somewhat indecipherable, and I can't really understand what's written down...)!

So, to summarise the invective, why on earth cannot the money that Osborne apparently has up his sleeve, be handed to the big national contractors, who will develop and build wisely, pull in all sorts of trades and professions, pay hard-working labourers, keep engineers and designers in a job, assist the trade counters selling paint and spanners, and make the best business in the world work again, without the hindrance of the wizards'* poisonous legacy?

Why can't the money be put into a struggling IT company, which is desperate to take on some bright sparks who think that a £9,000 a year degree is not really much of a bargain, so immediate, paid work beckons - if you can get it?

Why aren't British car companies allowed have all that money to develop the small engines which will undoubtedly be needed as the roads fill up even more? A local guy who was once very senior in sports car design, had a fantastic design which just cried out for funding, but of course, he was never going to get it, if the likes of Mr bloody Diamond had anything to do with it.

Even dare I rant it, why not say to some councils, "Here's some dosh, flatten Margate and start again properly"! Or, "Take out Hastings, get rid of the grot, rebuild the pier and bloody do it right for a change! And also, here's some money to stick the crested newts and build that sodding by-pass by next Thursday!" 

Of course, you'd get the Beeb squealing against all this. You'll get Epiphany Flanders, (surely tainted somewhat from her personal experiences with some of the wizard* opposition), trying to put a commercial idea down at every chance. (Goferit IDS, I heard all that rubbish and thought exactly the same).

But I won't hold my breath while government-subsidised naivety is immured with the banks. They'll continue to leech from the public purse in a similar fashion to most politicians, and stick two fingers up at the actual people who work for a living.

And as I exhale in the comfort of my chair, I notice that it wasn't a fag-packet, it was an old Christmas card...



Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

And how far up on the rant o meter do you go when you are engaged in IMPORTANT strimming I should like to know?

rvi said...

Why did they give it to the banks? Probably to hide the fact that it was the politicians and not the banks who were directly responsible for the mess the country finds itself in.

Glad I emigrated all those years ago!

Scrobs... said...

Mr Hospits, I reckon about two more pints of home-made beer is the norm for a really serious rant!

I have a serious brew which is beginning to take on all borders at 8% ABV...

Scrobs... said...

You're not wrong there, Reevers. But just remember that Balls and Brown are flawed individuals, still sucking at the public teat, and clawing expenses like there's no tomorrow.

We just assume they're totally wrong nowadays, and while they continue to deny the horrors they caused at every turn, most sane businessmen just ignore them.

That blasted Flanders woman is an evil one though; with any luck, she may well get a good hiding for this.

Anonymous said...

Two pints of home brew? All sorts of things can happen on home brew and if you're this passionate on a bit of strimming....??

mused Pip

Anonymous said...

'parently the pensions crisis is front page of the Express today. Haven't read it yet tho.

said Pip

Scrobs... said...

It's always been a crisis since that bastard Brown filched the interest build-up on private pensions Pips.

He didn't do it with his mates' pensions, but he screwed mine.

So many of my generation want to wring his neck, and also that fat thing belonging to that arsehole Balls, who masterminded the grasp on something bloody labour could snatch.

Meanwhile, they steal expenses like there's no tomorrow...

They really smell those bastards.