Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter whodunnit...

There's a folk song somewhere out there with some of the lyrics which go a bit like this...

Hey Willy, Willy,
Come to your window'

Hey Willy, Willy
(something or other),

There are (something or other - relating to young men joining up, possibly American Civil War...)

And its 18??

And - er - that's it...

For those of you with the musical touch, the guitar chords are a basic C then Amin; C, then Amin, rather like the beginning of 'His latest flame' by Elvis Presley! The years change with the final line in each verse, so the next verse may be 1866 instead of the previous verse which might be 1863!

I used to do this occasionally back in the sixties, and changed the name to 'Jenny', because she was a lovely friend, and married Eddie!

As usual, the winner gets a big hug, and the second place will get two hugs, as I've been out in the garden all morning and it's a bit hot out there...

(And it definitely isn't a song by 'The Hollies', but it was the only pic I could find with even half the title of a song I can hardly remember, and which may well be the meanderings of a junior Scrobs' mind, while under the influence of seven pints of 'Old Dreadfull' and 20 Three Castles Tipped...)

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Scrobs... said...

Ha ha ha ha!

No need to bother Folks, I've just found it!

This is the song!

I was nearly right anyway...