Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Soldier's shillings...

A chum sent me this today, and having just heard that if you signed up for active service in the TA, and went over there and got killed, your family's pension entitlement would be peanuts compared to that allowed to a regular, I think this displays a similar blind uncaring organisation which needs to be taken down a few pegs.

Imagine the outcry if MPs started their non-jobs on the same basis; they'd be squealing all the way to Brussels, whimpering 'sorry...'.

The link's at the bottom.

Early Day Motion [EDM 1053]
Rank and Pension of Soldiers Killed on Active Service

‘That this House, convinced that the courage and devotion to duty of members of the British Armed Forces who are killed while on active service for their country should be recognised and rewarded in every possible way, particularly by the pensions and help given to the families they leave behind , recommends that the Ministry of Defence’s rule providing that pensions on promotion are payable only after the role for the new rank has been held for a year should be revoked for those killed in the service of their country so that their families are paid the rate appropriate to the rank held at the time of death; and considers that the family of Sergeant Matthew Telford of Grimsby, promoted to the rank in June 2009 but killed by an assassin in Afghanistan in November of that year, along with Guardsman Jimmy Major of Cleethorpes and three other soldiers, should be paid the full pension appropriate to the rank he was proud to honour at the time of his death’.



Thud said...

The enemy and death do not discriminate,nor should we.

rvi said...

I agree. If you tried doing that one year delay thingy to the pensions of newly promoted civil servants at the MoD you'd soon hear about it!!

Scrobs... said...

Too right Thudders.

Mind you, I thought the MP in charge of the select committee was doing the usual stuff by saying that his report should take as much as nulab's did i.e.15 months, which is absurd.

Just kick out the old brass hats in Whitehall, and give the work to the guys who know what they're doing!

Scrobs... said...

Reevers, the TUC are trying that one as we speak!

Funny how they're saying they're worried about services just a few months after they buggered up BA!

Not many customers considered then were there!

Electro-Kevin said...

Our troops are treated like shit.

I often wonder as to why anyone signs up at all.

Blue Eyes said...

Scrobs, a noble cause. The TUC and associates don't see the travelling public or parents or patients as customers, we are recipients. Producer interests still dictate in many industries :-(

EK, maybe some people are motivated by more than the simple bottom line?

Scrobs... said...

Elecs, it os a mystery no doubt!

Especially as it all started uner the auspices of that bloody bastard Blair and funded (not), by the cowardly Brown.

And they still reckon they were global politicians - look at Brown now, a failed waster, and Bliar, an opportunist international sponger.

Scrobs... said...

Blues - correct!

See my reply to Reevers. They're all wondering waht to do next, so stopping work is their ploy; damn them.