Friday, 23 July 2010

Smart Timber Frame men...

I've been a supporter of timber frame building for years, and although it doesn't always suit what we're doing, I rate the way the work is designed, and produced.

So let's hear it for Vince Champion!

Vince who - you ask?

Well Vince Champion was the only bloke who bothered to stop and speak to Mark Wheeldon!

Mark who - you ask?

Well, Mark was so desperate for a job, he stood at a roundabout in the pouring rain for five hours, holding a home-made placard which shouted out the fact that he wanted to work and needed a job so badly, he would have done anything. It's all here!

And these are the guys with whom Vince works, and it was he who made the effort to get Mark in out of the rain, and into what looks like a damn good job.

This news has made my week, and what's more, I hope The Smart Timber Company thrives as it deserves to!


lilith said...

I loved this story too Scrobs :-)

Anonymous said...

What a nice story.

Message to Labour - hard as it may be for you to believe - not everyone wants to spend their life depending on state benefits.

Scrobs... said...

It's a goodun isn't it Lils!

Timber frame is a great way to get buildings done - up to a certain spec that is, and everyone works in the dry as well!

I really wish them all so well - its not a difficult job, but a godsend for the young chap, and I hope he thrives there.

Scrobs... said...

Wells said Lakes!

Failed Nulab made huge mistakes in development and tried to cover them up every time. Housing was one of them, but with that oaf Prescott somewhere near the driving seat, its not surprising.

buckminster fuller-ine said...


rvi said...

A nice story of a lad with a bit of get up and go; but rather a, um, roundabout way of going about it!

Scrobs... said...

Bucky! How the devil are you!

This is a far cry from the old geodesics isn't it?

However, as you've been dead for several years, I am slightly suspicious, unless you've come back of course!

Scrobs... said...

Reevers, it seemed to be the right thing for him to do.

The difficult bit was actually doing it, so he's won out there!

When you think that quite a lot of hotel room 'pods' are made in the far east, it makes sense to bang a few nails in over here instead. I was much impressed by a firm we went to see in Nottingham.

And they can do it all indoors too!


Thud said...

I never fail to be surprised at the large seemingly substancial buildings over here in California that are in fact wood frame.

Scrobs... said...

There are certain aspects of US architecture which I really like Thudders, although I cannot understand why they are always so close together and still detached!

We have rels in Newport Beach, and their home is about three inches from the next door house on both sides...

rvi said...

Must be the modern equivalent of circling the waggons.... pesky injuns.

The trouble with wooden houses is that they tend to burn down when the local forest fire comes through, or blow to bits when the latest hurricane passes by.