Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Politicians on a roll...

The new coalition government has already started to save money by axing unimportant nonentities around Whitehall, who are getting paid for doing very little.

Scrobinterpolizeistazisnoophurt (the investigative and punitive branch of the Turrets Knitting Circle), has found that five ministries have been joined to form a smaller, more accountable administrative group to do the bits that thousands of Nulab wasters were so useless on.

They have screwed together the Culture, Health, Industry, Transport, Sport Ministries to form The Ministry of CHITS, (not to be confused with the grubby little pieces of paper originally used to 'claim' bogus and fraudulent expenses), and which has a new Head.

He is now known as the Head Skate, (borrowed from the old army term for a lazy, incompetent, duplicitous lag, who avoids work at all costs), to remind the citizens of UK Inc, that there used to be millions of these people paid by Nulab to ruin this country at all costs.

Here is the Head Skate arriving for 'work' on his first day, trying to avoid all the rubbish left over from the last thirteen years..


rvi said...

Scrobs: I have a vid of him skating the Overture to Carmen which I keep in my inbox. I would post it here - only I don't know how to as it was sent to me by a friend but has no UTube or other url that I can capture and embed. If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed I will be willing to give it a go.

I like your new ministry - and cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am that they did not do Sports first!!

Scrobs... said...

Hi Reevers, is it this one?

I did wonder about the order of listing the wastes of space, but this is a family show isn't it?

Blue Eyes said...

I would like to be Under Secretary of State for picking up the bottles afterwards. I would ask for a slightly more high-powered sounding role but I have this fear of being the next Estelle Morris.

Scrobs... said...

I fully understand Blues, and respect your phobia!

I'll raise you from being near Estelle Morris, to being in the same county as Yvette Cooper-Balls.

But I'd rate your involvement as much more important, as you understand computers, therefore, welcome to the Ministry of IT.

You are appointed Head Chip! (geddit; 'Blue...chip'!!!)

rvi said...

Thank you Scrobs, that indeed is the clip I was referring to. Just think of all the tuppences we could have got back on those empties all those years ago. Would have kept us in ha'penny chews for a year!

Scrobs... said...

Reevers, they were a good source of revenue! Glad it was your clip too.

I can still remember finding beer and Colebrooks lemonade bottles under trees by the Congregational Church in Rye, and buying something for the bus home!

If you want to put anything on the net through this spot, you only have to ask; I'd be delighted to post it for you, and we'd all probably be better off reading something from someone else, rather than the usual tosh I tend to put on!

rvi said...

Scrobs: Thanks for the offer, duly noted.

Please don't denigrate yourself. If you only posted complete and utter tosh you'd have 90% of the Liebore Party chipping in - and then how would we have humorous exchanges?

HenryJ said...

Sorry Scrobs looks like the same old to me,we have the usual announcements of change,we have the usual announcements from the opposition that they are in a huff and were right all the time,we have Cameron suddenly finding that he really likes the EUSSR,we have yet to see the Quango's going,have we seen any removal vehicles or building for sale signs go up,answer on a crumpled up postcard to Scrobs,Scrobs Towers,somewhere dahn south post code 3941.