Saturday, 19 January 2008

Naughty boy...

Barnsley Bill has a hilarious post here, which, apart from causing me to laugh uncontrollably at 6.00am, made me wonder about the meaning of life even more!

Now, I’m not the sort of bloke who really minds this sort of behaviour; live and let live is my motto, but this story was a real eye-opener!

A few weeks ago, an old chum returned from a lengthy business trip, and it was obvious that he had partaken of several portions of good living, in fact, he’d done the lot – several times over, and with some pretty dubious people.

On his return, he began to feel pretty poorly, and went to see his Doctor. After a long examination, and a few searching questions, the doc told him to sit down and listen carefully.

‘From what you’ve told me, and having had a good look around’, said the Doc, ‘in my opinion, you have acquired a serious case of ‘GASH’.’

‘Hellfire,’ said my chum, squirming in his chair, ‘that sounds pretty bad; what is it’?

‘It’s short for Gonneroids, Anerobic Syphillides and Herpestilence’, said his Doctor.

‘Hmmmmm, nasty, is there any cure’? Said my worried chum.

‘Yup’; said his Doctor, ‘you need to be kept in complete isolation for a year, and you have to be fed on crisp bread and thin cheese slices’.

‘The isolation I can understand’, said my chum, ‘but why the special diet’?

‘Because it’s the only food we can slide under the door’, said the Doctor ;0)


Trubes said...

Ha ha Scrobs. That`s very funny. Made me chuckle.

Daisy said...

good one scroblene...

electro-kevin said...

Yeah !

Haw haw !

Seriously. A friend of mine (now a detective super) went on holiday to Spain and got drunk every night.

He returned home with a terrible willy rash. It turned out that this rash was caused by cactus milk when he'd got drunk and wrecked the hotel garden before pissing all over it.