Thursday, 19 July 2018

1947 was a good year...

This is the day when the Senora O'Blene and I adjourn to the pub to celebrate Scrobs' big day...

The Great house at a village not far from here...

Thanks to the 71 place in Ilfracombe, I can post a nice picture of the actual age of your correspondent!

(Ilfracombe is a rather genteel place, known for its caves and tunnels - a bit like our garden in all this heat)!


goosegirl said...

Blast! I thought it was imminent and if I'd known the actual date I'd have sent you a card. This will have to do instead.

"Well I am damned. You're now 71?
My God. I just cannot believe it!
No card was sent. You were having me on
That's why you didn't receive it.

Now that I know you are older than me,
You know what's the best thing to do?
Have a bloody good time on the whisky and wine
And a merry birthday to you."

Thud said...

Congrats,enjoy a restful day...or week!

Michael said...

Thank you Thud! It's been a great day too! Lots of folk and family chats as well!

Michael said...

Goosey, Think nothing of it, you send cards all the time, and a poem by you for all to see is a super present!

Fabulous day!

Like the kissing bit at the end, that could take some beating...;0)

A K Haart said...

Congratulations and don't spare the tinctures.

rvi said...

Sorry mate. Late to the party. Blame it on those geographers who insisted on placing the Greenwhich time line so far behind half the rest of the world. Anyway, a belated hbty.