Friday, 21 April 2017

The number crunching begins...

Sodden Prickney Parish Council

Notice of Election

The following candidates will be standing for erection (shouldn't that be Election - Ed) around dinner time on June 8th 2017: -

Kalashnikov - Basil Islington Aloysius - Local Lobster Party

Molestrangler - Cynthia Snythiea Janetreger - Sodden’s Suffragettes

Newt - Amelia Celia Ophelia - Justice for Newts party

Groat - Ronald Bumhole - Justice for Ron Party

Trumpet - Sidney Charles Larkin - The winner by a long chalk party

Wibble - Norman Herbert Albert Norbert Gilbert - Generosity for old farts party

Baggage - Edwina Maserati Bicyclette Golikeatrain - Allow sex on trains party

Billary - Florrie Doris Mavis - Swivellers anonymous party

Clinchton - Willy Endaway Table-ender - Alwaysinthekitchenwiththerestofthem party


I, Simcox Corbyn Reichstaffenbendercrimplene O’Blene hereby announce the results of the election of Sodden Prickney Parish council as follows: -

Molestra...(don’t be so bloody stupid man, we haven’t even had the election yet - Ed)


rvi said...

I give up. The idiot robot picture thingy will not let me in - even after 6 tries.

A K Haart said...

Apparently some members of Sodden’s Suffragettes are joining the Allow sex on trains party. Having seen a few of them I think I know why.

Michael said...

Reevers, just to let you know that I got your message as an email to my account!

I've absolutely no problem with that, but I can't see why it doesn't appear here!

Anyway, thank you my friend!

If it doesn't appear, I'll cut and paste it here so our other chum can also grin and laugh...