Thursday, 2 February 2017

Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play...

Well tomorrow actually...

But as Oscar Wilde once said, when being pronounced late/early for an event, 'What does that giant orb in the sky know of what happens down here on Earth'! (or something like that...)

O'Blene Enterprises Inc. Ltd. VAT and Bar, had opened an account with Sagtrouser and Wife, and started to manage a building job at The Turrets just on twenty years ago!

We had a superb local builder, who is still remembered as one of the best, and the pic below shows what happens when you eventually clear out the garage...

The freezer had packed up a day or so before, (as they do) and you can just see the danger light showing an ominous red blink!

It was possibly one of the three ugliest garages in the village, and luckily only one remains at the other end of the High Street, but this cold, leaking brute just had to go, and be replaced with a decent extension.

When I got home from work that evening, the first job our builder had done was take it all down, and here is the sad old disconnected, leaking, empty freezer, getting ready to leave this mortal coil, or whatever freezers did in those days.

This was the first really serious work we could afford to do at The Turrets, and we plunged every penny we had into the place, but never regretted a thing, except losing the huge grapevine at the back, which we usually left to grow over the garage to hide as much of it as we could! The grapes made fabulous wine too!

Blimey, I was only forty-nine back then...


rvi said...

Ho ho. Sounds like you had fun!

The compressor in our 15 year old fridge freezer gave up the ghost a few days ago, but we know a local equivalent of Herr Saggytrousers who can fit a replacement for about one third of the cost of a new unit. So now all fixed and we can make our ice lollies again...

Anyway, irrespective of Mr Wilde's brilliance, may I offer you
this which sayas much the same.


rvi said...

Just rechecked and that link seems faulty. I will try again here .

rvi said...

Nope still something amiss... Maybe the You Tube link is dodgy

So just Google "A hundred years from today" by Jack Teagarden and his delightful orchestra and enjoy the music.

Sorry etc...

Thud said...

I love increasing he livability (?)of a property and the usual rise in value is a bonus, pun intended,its addictive too no?

Trubes said...

Hi there Scrobs, (Michael).
We have a rather good looking garage, it is attached to the house, with a connecting
door into the house, we built two bedrooms over it, one smalish room which was a
Nursery for our 1st grandaughter Molly, who is 13 next month.
The other bedroom has a standard double bed and an en-suite shower room, all worked out,
with eldest daughter and family coming up to visit,
from Bramley in Surrey, where they live.
The house is really too big for the two of us now, despite advice from kids, to sell up and buy something smaller, (Blerb),
We love our home and now, at last, we have two cleaning ladies and a gardener,
so all is 'hunky doory' and despite loving offspring advice... we are staying put !

Best regards,
Di. xxx.

Michael said...

Gorgeous, Reevers! I used to know a lot about him, but it all seems so long ago now...!

Michael said...

"increasing he livability"

What you did to your house was everything I'd like to have done, Thud!

(ps, saw the planning details with a little research - excellent stuff there)!

Michael said...

Yup, Trubes!

We're staying put as well!

Planning the new year veg Patch as we speak - plenty of time now, and lots to look forward to!

We don't miss the garage for one second - it was indeed an ugly dirty brute! (and we couldn't get the car in anyway, it was too small)!